Removing Hair Colour with Scott Cornwall’s Decolour Stripper

So prior to my most recent colour change I tried bleaching my hair for the first time ever before going Directions Apple Green, Plum and Atlantic Blue. I’ve never bleached my hair before and it was quite a scary thing to do as it really does dry out your hair and make it go a strange colour.

So, when I got to being bored of multi coloured hair and wanted to go back to a more maintainable orange/red shade I thought I would give Decolour Stripper a go, I worked on the launch of this product a couple of years ago and had tried the Remover product when I featured in the products YouTube tutorial which you can see here:

DSC_4108 (600x385)

Decolour Stripper is designed to remove artificial and natural pigments from the hair and uses the lowest levels or bleach (peroxide) and amonia possible to achieve this. The Decolour Remover has no peroxide in it and is designer for removing artificial colours only. Decolour Stripper is therefore a great alternative to bleach which works in a similar way whilst being kinder to your hair. The only thing that is different about Decolour Stripper is that is does not sell itself as a way to get to a great destination shade, it’s advised for creating a blank canvas prior to recolouring or toning.

DSC_4109 (600x380)


You can also benefit with this product as it’s kind enough to use twice in succession without any problems which is awesome if you have a stubborn shade to remove or are removing a very dark shade. So, as mentioned I wanted to use this product to remove faded Directions colours, this is what I was working to remove:

DSC_4098 (600x399)

The product worked very similarly to Bleach, there’s not really much different in the technique or texture except that the smell is less strong and it didn’t cause any irritation on my skin like the bleach did. I left the product on for a full development time of around an hour and got to this base, I have on idea why the image is on its side and it won’t turn around without a lot of effort…

20141022_172221 (1)


I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s pretty impressive. The roots and mid lengths were nearly white and the ends where there had clearly been a bit of staining or colour build up were a little stained in a minty green, if I had wanted a perfect base I could have used the product again straight away and I’d imagine that it would get rid of that too. Best of all my hair still felt in good condition and realistically a shade that wasn’t too bad had I not had time to recolour that day. When I bleach it went a horrible yellow tone and very patchy which I wouldn’t have been happy with. I found this product easier to use and the results more even and my hair in better condition.

So, next time you’re reaching for the bleach, think about the mess your making of your hair and give this a whirl instead. At the moment it’s only available in Boots for around £15 but I would highly recommend it, one box did all my hair!

And because I can’t ignore it, I’ve got to add that yes, the packaging is horrible and doesn’t look appealing, but for the first time ever I almost wrote an entire blog review without mentioning the packaging, it’s so good that I’ll let it off looking like something from the 90s (in a bad way)

What’s your preferred colour stripping method? Have you tried Decolour Stripper? Comment, share or tweet me @JayneKitsch


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3 thoughts on “Removing Hair Colour with Scott Cornwall’s Decolour Stripper

  1. I used the Colour Stripper a lot when I was putting colours in my hair – I found I could improve the results by putting a plastic cap on and then using a hairdryer to heat it up a bit.
    Also, never skimp on the rinsing! I did that once and the colour slowly reappeared as it dried :/

    You’ve had some awesome colours but you did look gorgeous as a red-head 🙂


    1. I’m sure I’ll go back to bright again at some point, but really just wanted to be one, easy to manage block shade for a bit. I’ve heard that colour reappearing can be a problem, but I can’t remember what the reason is. I put plastic on top of this when I used it too as it’s just the easiest way to keep everything tidy and out of the way whilst I get other stuff done.

      Went orange last night using a mix of Directions Apricot and Tangerine, which looks awesome and I’ll blog it soon.

  2. […] so I wasn’t happy with it. So, instead I opted to use Decolour Stripper, which you can read about here. It worked great, but left a bit of blue in there, so I decided to dye it Feria Intense Mango […]

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