Zoya Glitter Nail Polish in Staasi Review

God I’ve gotten poor at blogging, I know I need to get back on track with regular posting as it really is the most effective way to maintain a good following and consistent figures, although that’s not important for everyone, as a freelancer it’s a useful way to maintain a extra income source and I’ve definitely been crap recently, just too busy!

Anyway, after a month of no nail polish I finally found some time to look after myself with some at home pampering and  much needed manicure. I went for glitter as it lasts the best and always cheers me up, here’s my review and swatches of Zoya’s glitter nail polish in shade, Staasi.

20141020_110518 (600x338)

First off, I love the elegant and unusual bottle shape. It’s easy to handle for application and stands out as being distinctly from this brand, which for me is always a nice thing. In the bottle you’ll see it’s pure glitter! Lots of different shades of green and a few different particle sizes. The base is a fine lime green glitter and there are larger rounded particles of iridescent sparkle that reflects blues, greens and golds.

20141020_110527 (600x307)


On first coat the colour is very sheer, you definitely wouldn’t want to wear it with one coat, but it would work really well over the top of a base colour. I’d love to try it over a metallic bronze or blue. With two or three coats you can get an even and thick, solid glitter coverage which is the look that I prefer. The glitter is mega difficult to capture on my nails with my phone, but I’d say that the colour dries accurately to the bottle.


20141020_110543 (338x600)


The quality is great and so far there’s been no chips and I’ve been busy crafting and doing housework, so that’s a great sign. Let’s hope it lasts the weekend as we’ve got a lot on this week and I don’t think I’m going to have a moment for another manicure! This nail polish has also reminded me that I need more glitter nail polish in my life.

What do you think? What’s your favourite glitter nail polish? Comment, share or tweet me @JayneKitsch

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