Adventure Time Christmas Jumpers from Forbidden Planet

Oh my glob! I just stumbled upon something online via Facebook that combines three if not four of my favourite things! It’s a jumper, it comes in red and blue, it’s got Adventure Time on it and it’s from Forbidden Planet. It’s on pre-order online right now for £34.99 which I think is fair a licensed piece of clothing.

For some bizarre reason they’ve only got the red version in Size M and the blue one in Size L, which I’ve double checked and that is all they’re getting and I can’t find this awesome design anywhere else on the internet. The other annoying thing is that this mathematical sweater that I can only find on Forbidden Planet is asking for a £5.50 postage charge, which is steep! Luckily for the shop, I’m such a sucker for Adventure Time and Christmas Jumpers that I’m going to have to own it.



It looks like it’s a knitted print from this modelled picture but not sure if it is or not. It’s saying it’s a polyester cotton blend fabric, so it’s not going to be incredible, but again for something this unique and niche I don’t really care that much. Here’s the blue variant, which I much prefer, but they are only selling in a size L for some insane reason, which I’m imaging is because it’s so awesome that Cartoon Network haven’t made enough to supply the demand.



Any other Adventure Time fans reading this? Or am I being mentally excitable all on my own?

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