Kitsch Vintage Inspired Librarian Style with Avenue32

Another weird negative thing about being freelance and working from home which I didn’t mention in my previous post about going freelance is about the way you dress. When you work from home, as you can imagine it’s all about being comfortable and you very easily become lazy about getting dressed and certainly when you do get dressed you don’t always wear outfits that you’d want to be seen outside in. Yes, my OnePiece onesie makes a frequent appearance and when I’m felling fancy it might be Black Milk leggings and band tees, when I used to work in an office I used to make much more effort and I sometimes missing the dressing up for work bit.

When you work in digital like I have done for a long time, things are a lot more relaxed style wise than when you’re in a more corporate job, like when I was a receptionist as a recruitment firm. I’m glad I don’t feel like I have to dress up at all anymore, but sometimes it is nice to have a reason to make the effort. Anyway, enough waffling about work wear and to the point! I’ve headed back to faithful Polyvore to make you a little collage of a kitsch, vintage inspired librarian/ secretary  capsule wardrobe that might be something I’d wear if I had unlimited money and had to dress up to work. I’d definitely wear any of these outfits to a job interview or lunch out.


Kitsch Secretary Style


Everything pictured is available from Avenue32 and range between £50- £1,200 so definitely aren’t in the budget friendly realm, we all like to dream right? My favourite items? Those vintage book clutch bags from Olympia Le-Tan, completely impractical and whimsical and ridiculously priced at between £1000-£1,200 each since they are limited edition, but I think they are beautiful, I’d never buy one (or use a clutch bag at all for that matter) but I like to look at them!

What do you think? Would you wear these outfits? Which designer pieces do you dream about owning? 

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