My First MCM Comic Con Winter 2014

I’ve always wanted to go to a ComicCon, every since seeing the adverts for various shows in the back of Empire, Total Film and SFX magazine that I had subscriptions to when I was growing up. In October I finally made it to my first ever Con in the form of MCM ComicCon at Excel in London. Unfortunately we were being a bit ambitious with our time and didn’t get to stay much longer than an hour after a rather arduous journey so I’ve not taken very many photos either.

Basically, we were invited to Manchester on the Saturday to stay with friends whilst Miz DJed Pop Bubble Rock with his friend Ben who runs it. My family is from up North so we thought it wise to combine the Manchester trip with some visits too, staying near Blackpool to catch up with family and break up the journey a bit. The original plan was to get up early, head to MCM for like 9am and be gone by midday to drive to Blackpool. An error in the planning process was that we didn’t actually check opening times and found out the night before that MCM didn’t open until about 2pm on the Friday- FAIL! Next up, the normal London drive from Brighton takes no more than an hour and half, for some unknow reason the drive took three hours this time, so we turned up confused and tired and stressed, stress which was added to by having to pay £15 for parking knowing that we’d only be there an hour or so. So, first tip for a MCM trip from me, allow more time and plan ahead and it’s a epic show and an hour really isn’t enough. The time constraint also meant that we didn’t bother with cosplay that we were originally planning on, next time I will!

20141024_154026 (600x338)

So if you’re into pretty much anything geeky in the realms of games, films, TV shows, comics and whatever else falls into the geekosphere you can pretty much buy merchandise for ANYTHING at MCM. What’s even better is that not only can you find super odd and rare things that you otherwise only see online, everything is much more affordable too, which is AWESOME.

The other big draw of MCM is cosplay! I didn’t take any photos of outfits because of being in a daze and wanting to just see as much as possible as quickly as possible. But yes, cosplay is pretty epic at MCM, fans spend months planning and creating authentic and imaginative homages to their favourite characters and it’s really rather amazing to see. Some of the best costumes I spotted included an authentic BioShock Jack diving suit costume and a couple of really impressive Iron Man suits (one of my fave superheroes!) for the less ambitious cosplayers (like me) you’ll see a gazillion Finn and Fionna (Adventure Time) costumes and a variety of dodgily applied make up in the hopes of looking like a Last of Us Zombie or Poison Ivy. Next time I’ll take some time out to shoot some of the best outfits I can see. 20141024_154641 (600x338)

Another draw of MCM Comic Con is that it’s the first time to preview some of the upcoming games, films and comics via demo areas such as the one pictured below and panel talks, this time they were promoting the amazing new Daniel Radcliffe film, Horns so there was a panel with the films cast that is free to attend. Sadly, we didn’t have time to check out these features of the show properly, but next time we will!

20141024_155702 (600x338)

For us, it was awesome to be able to shop an incredible range of products that we love and usually struggle to find IRL very often. So to make up for my lack of show photos, here’s our MCM Comic Com ”HAUL”, I freaking hate that word, but I feel as a beauty blogger at heart it’s a fitting description.

We’ve huge fans of The Walking Dead, so we picked up volume one of the comics, which we’ve not read before and a Walking Dead Mystery Figure, which turned out to be a rather rare glow in the dark ‘well dweller’ zombie (remember that scene, in series 2 I think?). The add to our Guillmero Del Toro collections we picked up Volume One of the graphic novel of his book (and now TV series) The Strain, which if you haven’t heard of you’ve got to check it out, it’s a gross hybrid of the vampire and zombie genres with dark and gothic Del Toro signature creature creation, almost like a development of his Blade 2 vamps!

Another Del Toro buy was a Blu-Ray copy of Hellboy 2: The Golden Army. I freaking love Hellboy, definitely one of my fave superhero film series, second to the Robert Downey Jr Iron Man! Again, if you haven’t seen it, check it out!

20141106_111127 (600x338)

For Miz’s collection he picked up Volume 3 of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower graphic novel and a Game of Thrones Pop Vinly of John Snow, which apparently have been quite difficult to pick up lately, no one can resist his cuteness. John Snow is now guarding our fish tank and being quoted at by Miz on a regular basis. I’m not a GoT fan myself, so just smile and go along with that.

Finally, Volume 2 of the Adventure Time comics. Miz introduced me to the Cartoon Network animated series earlier in the year and I’m now well and truly a big fan, the comics are awesome and are a great add on to the series, rather than just being the same stories in a different format they are new stories with the characters and colours and that I love. My love for BMO is increasing now that I know about his creepy side as featured in the comics!

20141106_111152 (338x600)In addition to all that shizz, if you’re a diehard fan you can queue for AGES to get autographs and photos with a panel of celebs, ranging from recognisable Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Star Trek actors to niche, obscure people such as the guy who plays the White Walkers in Game of Thrones. I’d love to do this, but don’t love queuing enough to go through with it unless it was someone amazing, maybe if it was Spike from Buffy or one of the main guys from Firefly, I dunno.

Well, there you have it my geeky nerd side exposed for you, I’m hoping to bring you more of this kind shizz over the next few months in the hopes to make my blog a more interesting and diverse place, lemme know what you think!

Have you been to a Comic Con? Which geeky things are you a fan of ?

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