Online or In Store?

The main thing that sticks out to me at this time of year is how busy everywhere is compared to normal, the local Post Office has a queue around the block and the high street feels like a Saturday everyday. It’s because it’s December and it’s almost Christmas, it makes people a little bit crazy. This year, despite deciding to do a very low key Christmas, it’s still proving to be the most expensive month of the year. December so far, for me has included driving to Wales and breaking down and stupid companies taking money from my account for things that I thought I had cancelled TWO years ago, fun times. I’ve bought a couple of presents and Christmas food but nothing extravagant as it’s really not necessary to have a nice time.


Anyway, all this Christmas craziness made my start wondering why everyone still puts themselves through the trauma of the high street when you can buy EVERYTHING online without any effort. Yes, I still love browsing shops IRL and physically seeing and touching things but when the shops get this insanely busy, it kinda looses the fun element, don’t you think?

Broadband Genie just released a survey and I was quite interesting to see that the majority of people do still prefer to shop on the high street, 54.2% of the 1000 people polled said they would rather shop on the high street. I think online shopping works best when you know what you’re looking for, I know for one thing places like Amazon are so full of pretty much everything you could think of that browsing can quickly eat up hours of your life. If you want inspiration, heading to the high street seems easier.

However, the high street doesn’t have everything, so that’s when the internet makes it far more interesting when it comes to shopping. If you want something niche or handmade the high street is not the place to go. Some of the things you can find on places like Etsy you just can’t match on the high street.

Personally, I would rather shop online so that I can access all those awesome little brands and shops that are lurking out there, what do you think?

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