Stuff that Happened in 2014

So, in the style of previous years, I’m going to do another post reviewing the year that is about to come to a close, much in the style of the Facebook Year in Review app, but less shit.

2013 was eventful, that was the year of change and you can read all about it here. 2014 was another year of change, but less extreme for sure. In terms of excitement I think it’s clear to say that 2013 was a difficult year to compete with, but realistically the stuff I was getting up to wasn’t sustainable for my health and wellbeing, so I’m very happy to say that I think I’ve very, very nearly found balance in life. Here’s what I got up to this year and in pretty much no particular order…

Went Freelance

This has definitely been the biggest lifestyle change and also the reason why I’ve been able to achieve so many other things this year. I officially went freelance towards the start of the year with some encouragement from Miz (we were Facebook official from January). I’ve always wanted to work for myself to enable myself to work flexible hours to suit my personal projects and my health. I’ve always been too scared to take the risk, so it was awesome to jump in and for it to be a success. It was hard and scary at first, but thanks to some mega help from Nic (Strawberry Blonde) and plenty of support from friends and my social network it’s turned out to be work beautifully.

Settled Down with Miz

After all that horrible divorce shit in 2013 and being a serial dater for about six months it was pretty awesome to meet someone who felt like a match and who genuinely loved me for who I am now and who I am comfortable with being. We were pretty much seeing each other everyday from December last year and became official mid-January and now we’ve been living together for over six months. Crazy, but awesome. Miz inspires me to creative and keeps me happy in my own skin, he’s a huge support in everything I do. I’m very thankful that I have him in my life now and we’re extremely happy together.


Moved to Brighton and Away from London

I remember over a year ago I was ranting and raving about how much I loved living in London, but after living with housemates from hell and going freelance which was a bit more of an unpredictable job, it became clear that it would be beneficial to move to somewhere more stable. Originally we looked at moving to the London suburbs, places like Leytonstone, but you don’t get much for your money there and it still take you over an hour to get anywhere you need to be! So, randomly we decided on Brighton.

In Brighton it’s still expensive rent in the grand scheme of things, but for the same amount of money you’d pay on a decent room in a decent area of London we’ve got an entire flat in Brighton in one of the nicest parts of town and in easy walking distance of the centre. London is about an hour away for when we need to be there so it’s convenient too. Most of all, the pace of life is much more agreeable here, so chilled and being by the sea is a dream. We haven’t got as big a social circle here, but everyone who we have met has been amazing!


Set Up an Etsy Shop

I’ve always loved indie designers and makers and that was always at the core of my blog when I started out. Over the years the blog has evolved but I’ve always shopped from Etsy and Folksy brands when I could. I always wanted to open my own shop/brand but never felt like I could master any particular craft to the standard I was happy with. This year, I just got on with it and made some bits and bobs and set up the store, it’s not perfect yet but I’ve been selling things and that makes me SUPER happy. Mega thanks to Sarah from Temporary Secretary for helping me out with her kindness and support on this one. You can check out my Etsy shop here.


Created a Digital Marketing Agency

This is still in the early days, but me and Miz joined forces to created KITSCH.inc, which will be our little agency name for seeking out new projects in digital marketing and events. Not really sure what will happen with it next, but I like the branding and it’s what we’ll be using when pitching for new work going forward.

Collaborated with Miz on an Events Project

Miz revived one of his old companies this year, P.S The Scene is Dead. We’ve collaborated on some live music events that will be happening in 2015, our first one will be putting on Creeper at The Green Door Store in Brighton in just a few weeks and if you check out the page you’ll see some of my artwork on the posters. This is another one which will be growing in 2015 and it’s an exciting one!

Helped a Band Out

This year I’ve been helping Miz’s band, Grayscale lots, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen them live now. We’ve made three music videos, done some photographs and made some band merchandise. It’s been really fun and I absolutely love the guys in the band so much, can’t wait to help them with some bigger and more exciting projects in the new year!


Did a Festival Properly

I’ve been to two festivals before this year. My first festival was Latitude Festival in 2007, it was a mixed experience but mainly I remember crying about having to use the toilets and feeling absolutely disgusting about not being able to wash. The bands were great but the experience not so much. Last year, I went to Leeds Festival for a day and had a lot more fun, but it wasn’t a true festival experience. This year me and Miz headed to Hevy Festival and did it all properly, drunkenly and danced a lot. I didn’t sleep much and couldn’t wait to get back to a proper bed, but I can now confidently say that I’m up for doing festivals again!


Got a Car

Yes, I still can’t drive, but luckily for me, Miz can! This year we decided to buy a car, to make it easier to get around and have the flexibility to do more things. We got a complete bargain and have already paid back the cost of the vehicle with journey’s to gigs and band practise and visiting family. Can’t believe how much money we’ve saved on train journey’s and how much we’ve saved being able to do big food shops instead of bits and bobs all the time. Next year we’re hoping to drive to Europe to a music festival there and will be doing more visiting and touring with the band with it. Really made a huge difference to the year.

Had Colourful Hair 

A little, light one to end on and a very silly one. In 2013 I went from my natural colour to strawberry blonde with a fringe and then through various shades of red and orange, I’d always wanted bright coloured hair but didn’t feel like I could before. This year, I’ve been every shade of blue, green and purple and loved it! My hair is pretty messed up right now from accidents with lightening products (ones which I’ll avoid in the future) so not sure what I’ll do next, but I’m glad to have been able to experiment with my look again.

My next post will be some New Year’s Resolutions, hopes and plans for next year. In the meantime, thanks for reading and being supportive and Happy New Year to you all!

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