Gaining Weight…

Following on from the super lame New Year’s Resolutions post which was mega clichéd and predictable I thought I’d write another personal post about something new that’s going on in my life, weight gain!

Gaining Weight for the First Time

For as long as I can remember I’ve pretty much been the same shape and size, a year ago I was a large size 8 and pear shaped. At 5’11 I’m pretty lucky that the height makes me look even slimmer, so have almost always been pretty confident about my body, yes my bum and thighs have always been chunky but I was proud of my naturally flat tummy and small boobs. I’ve been very fortunate that I’ve been able to pretty much eat anything and not worry about my shape because I’d consistently stay the same.


Right now I’m the biggest I’ve ever been at a large size 12, but I’ve fluctuated all of a sudden over the past three months. None of my favourite clothes fit me any more, I’ve gone to mass eBaying almost everything in my wardrobe and I’ve had to chuck out all of my bras and replace them with two cup sizes bigger. It’s pretty crap not having anything to wear. After years of expressing my hate for leggings I’m now living in them teamed with baggy jumpers and band tees, I don’t hate how I dress but I don’t feel like I wear what I like, like I used to and now see the appeal of aforementioned leggings.

The weight gain could be a result of many things and I’ve not sussed it out yet. It could be that I’m just getting older and my body isn’t metabolising as well as it used to, it could be a side effect from changes in meds recently, it could be lack of physical activity since going freelance. Or it could just be a huge combination of everything, I’m not sure.

Either way, it’s put me in a position I’ve never been in before, so thought it would be worth writing it down in the hopes that it will clear my head and lead me to a solution and hopefully lend a hand to anyone who is in a similar dilemma.

Possible Solutions (Do I even need a solution?)

Part of me is sad because the weight gain means that I don’t feel like myself and my wardrobe of clothes that I’ve had for YEARS no longer fits me and the idea of shopping for new clothes makes me physically ill, the High Street is not my friend, but that’s another story all together. Part of me is not surprised, because no one in my family is super skinny, so it feels more natural for me to be this size, I definitely don’t look bad I just feel weird.

Anyway, here’s the solutions and some of the problems I face, let me know what you think and if you have any advise.


During this time of year fad diets and weight loss schemes are EVERYWHERE. I don’t think they are for me, I love food too much and truly believe that you can enjoy everything in moderation when it comes to grub. I’m sure these work for lots of people but I just don’t want to run my life by rules of some diet program. I think I’ll start considering options more instead, we’ll see what happens. I’ve definitely become better with food over the past year, a lot less fussy than I used to be and enjoy cooking more, I even eat salads sometimes now!


When I had a normal job I used to get a lot of exercise walking around London, I used to walk to work from Shoreditch to Oxford Street at one point and almost every office I’ve worked in has had tons of stairs, so that always helped. Now that I work solely from home, the most walking I do is from the bed to the sofa and from here to the shop to buy food. It’s not good and since we’ve bought a car even LESS walking occurs.

A couple of years ago I used to go to dance classes every week, at my peak I was doing three hours of dance a week, I really loved the school I went to and it was perfect for me, I’m really struggling to find anything that matches it. I don’t have any motivation to exercise unless what I’m doing it fun and don’t particularly like being in a routine, so that makes it difficult to find the motivation to go out and spend the money on doing something. Me and Miz are going to start going Bouldering and Swimming together on a regular basis, so hopefully that will kick start some good habits!

Just Deal with It

Or, do I just face the fact that I’m now this size and get used to it? I’m not overweight and definitely don’t look odd, I’m just not used to it and am struggling with dressing and having a tummy and stretch marks that weren’t there before.  There’s tons of girls size 16 and beyond and everything shape and size, who look amazing in everything they wear and it’s because they are comfortable in their own skin and confident in how to present themselves. I think this is the key for me, because even if I do exercise or diet, I doubt I’ll be back to exactly how I used to be, I need to rediscover my body confidence and then go from there.

I’ll keep you updated!

What do you think? Do you have an advise to share?

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12 thoughts on “Gaining Weight…

  1. Gaining/losing weight or even staying the same is fine. Not being comfortable, however, isn’t. I know how it feels to not have anything to wear, or not feel comfortable in what you wear, as I’m sure every female does.

    I think what you’ve started to do here is your best way forward, which is start to weigh up the pros and cons of each of the options. Personally I’m not a fan of dieting, but I AM a fan of exercise, and find nowadays I don’t do it for how my body looks, I do it because I love it. The crux is that my body stays fairly consistent now because of the exercise. I think the key is finding something that you love and sticking with it – however do remember that something you may hate on your own (eg running) is a LOT more fun when you do it with other people!

    Whatever you do I hope you hit happiness soon.

  2. Well I think you look great and not in the slightest bit overweight, but of course it’s how you feel that matters. It is pretty normal to put on weight as we age and for metabolism to slow down. You can do something about that via exercise so maybe activity is the way to go. Find another dance class that you will love. If you’re in Brighton then there is tons to choose from, maybe try out a few classes until you find the one you like enough to keep doing?

  3. I am personally never a fan of diets, they always make me hate food. When I love it, and it makes me crave everything I am not allowed to eat.

    When it comes to your diet, maybe use Fry-O-Lite as this is like one calorie per spray, so you can all the things like a roast dinner or a fried egg without feeling guilty. Have you tried this before?

    I used to be slender, and then after turning 18 the weight kept sticking on me. As my mother said, a moment on the lips, a life time on the hips. I am going to blame my weight gain on my age, so you can too – teehee!

    It is lucky you love to exercise, I wish I could be like that more. I did Blogilates a lot last year and noticed a difference to my body. It really helped tone up my stomach in particular.


  4. Jayney! you look gorgeous! I think you really suit your new curves but having been through the same thing a few years ago I can sympathise!

    As you know I went from being in London, size 6 and 7 stone (NOT HEALTHY!) to being 2 stone heavier and 3 cup sizes bigger! Had to bin/sell all my clothes and lived in things that were baggy.

    Time is a great healer. I am now used to my new weight and feel confident and sexy in dresses that show of a new hourglass figure.

    Try think of it as a positive – I started a board of ideas of people with my body shape and size and what they wore or what I admired and took inspiration from them. Kelly Brook, 50’s pin ups and Nigella were perfect! I then planned shops (mostly online as I HATE shopping) and stocked up my new wardrobe, evolving it to my personality over time!

    You’ll be fine – Get back into that Burlesque look and you’ll be KILLING IT

    love Elles @ellesdaniels

  5. I can relate, having gone from a 8/10 to 12 in the past year and finding I can’t get away with wearing what I used to…think it’s mainly getting towards mid 30’s and no longer being able to coast on the super fast metabolism thing anymore 😉 I try to walk more, dance more and do more vigorous yoga but don’t know how much it is helping!I have been working on the self-acceptance front and trying to just accept the change and love my love handles…

  6. I can guarantee you it’s a combination of two things – getting older (your metabolism genuinely slows down and it’s harder to keep weight off) and going freelance (you don’t realise how much difference walking around the office makes.) I was in the same boat about 3-4 months ago and miserable. Since then I’ve started my exercise bike every morning, swimming once or twice a week and two sessions of weights. I haven’t lost half my arse, but it makes me feel healthier and more myself again. Exercise is the key; it’ll give you energy (ironically) and make you feel better about yourself.

  7. Oh I can definitely relate to this!! I went from being an Australian size 2-6 (but through unhealthy means) to an AU size 8 (once I recovered), which was fine, but just recently as I’ve started to approach my mid-twenties I’ve found myself fitting an AU size 10 instead… I definitely agree with the others that it does have to do with getting older! I do more exercise and eat healthier then I used to but my weight/size pretty much stays the same! For a while it frustrated me and upset me, but now I’ve started to feel confident and comfortable in my own skin…
    I think feeling confident and comfortable with yourself is 100% the most important thing. Sure exercise & healthy eating is great, but learning to love yourself is what’s most important… Finding things that suit your new body shape and play up your favourite features helped me loads. I could never really wear bodycons before because I had zero shape, but now they look great on my curves!
    But yes, also exercise helps. It always makes me feel good in my skin after a walk or run or weights.
    p.s. I think you look fabulous! And hello, new reader here as well haha 🙂

  8. It’s definitely an age thing; it happened to me since I got into my 30s and settled down. I was always a size 8 and now around my hips I’m a 10-12. I have started running and cut back on the lattes (!) which I’m hopeful will help.

    I really like running, apart from the trainers it’s pretty inexpensive, for the first few months I just used an old pair and its only now I’ve stuck with it I’ve invested in a better pair. I used the NHS couch to 5K programme which keeps it interesting as you have an end goal!

    Good luck whatever you decide to do 🙂

  9. The last time I got my height measured, I was 1.77 m tall.

    I was 17 years old in 2008 and a UK Size 12-14. I then grew to a Size 14-16 for a few years till I decided to start going to the gym.

    I have been working out 5 times a week on average since mid 2013. I’m a Size 8-10 now and I’m happy with the way I look.

    I’m actually at the same weight (about 70kg) as I was back in 2008 because I’ve gained quite a bit of muscle, so you shouldn’t worry too much about your weight! I think you look great.

  10. It was probably all the burger reviews you did last year…

  11. As i’m sure everyone above has said…you look amazing. Beautiful.

    I expect the sudden weight gain will be down to age, I went thru the same thing at around 26. I’ll be honest and say it was a bit disheartening at the time and there were days where I did feel like a utter flump but I opted for the embrace and accept it route.

    I figured as long as I wasn’t eating dreadfully and I was getting exercise and felt healthy, then that was good enough for me. I’m happy at the weight i’m at now, i’ve said goodbye to my tiny clothes and picked up some beautiful new ones. It isn’t an issue but it was for a few months. As long as you feel happy and confident, it won’t matter that you’ve gone up a few sizes.

    P.S. Happy I stumbled across your wonderful blog, utterly marvellous! x

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