Day: February 20, 2015

Revisiting the issue of ‘real women’ and body shaming…

I was not expecting to wake up and see the start of London Fashion Week kick off with a social media storm created by a stupid body shaming campaign.

A plus sized clothing brand has set up a bird watching hut outside London Fashion Week for #SkinnyBirdWatching, in an attempt to point out that the model size 6 is not what ‘real women’ are. What they actually did is create a body shaming campaign which just insults women of all sizes. Would they think that #FatBirdWatching would have been acceptable? No, it’s not, so why is it OK for them to use slim women as a target of ridicule?


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Meet Twinkie Chan, she’s totally kawaii…

Here’s a different type of post for you today and something that I hope to do on a regular basis. I want to start highlighting more talent and people that have inspired me and that are so awesome that you need to know about. Today it’s kawaii crochet mastermind and fellow blogger, Twinkie Chan!

Twinkie Chan has definitely been a inspiration to me over the years with her colourful and kitsch style and dedication to creating quirky crochet things. Here’s a little interview I did with this beauty.
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