Here’s Some Stuff That Has Dinosaurs On…

Yes, I am indeed extremely excited for the fact that there’s a new Jurassic Park coming out and that it’s got Chris Pratt it in. Jurassic Park is definitely one of my all time favourite, easy going, fun and nostalgic film franchises, even though most of the sequels are a bit dodgy the main thing is that it had dinosaurs in it and it was one of the things that made me want to be some sort of archaeologist when I grew up, which obviously didn’t work out.


So, seems the fashion world has picked up on everyone’s love for these extinct dragon type things and thrown them onto some pretty mega clothing and accessories for our buying pleasures and I thought I’d whip up a little list of some of the bits that have caught my dino-loving eyes.

The White Pepper SS15 Collection Jacket and Leggings- from £45

This season The White Pepper has a collection called Child’s Play and it’s most fun print is this scribbly, doodled dino print which they have in colour on black, pastel on white and monochrome. They have this awesome print on leggings, cropped shirts, dresses, a jacket and leggings. I’ve had my eye on this brand for a while, their prints and shapes are mega, but I’m not overwhelmed by their choice of fabrics for the price they charge just yet. I’ll wait for the sale I think.

Topshop Black and Pastel Dinosaur Pyjamas- £53 for the full set

Topshop also have some socks with dinos on too at the moment, but it’s this PJ set which catches my eye and I would totally wear the top as a normal jumper too as it’s super cute. Detailed pastel dinosaurs on a black background on nice quality 100% cotton, which is always my preference.

Designosaur Glitter Stegosaurus Brooches- £12.12

This one’s a Stegosaurus, but there’s plenty of other dinos to choose from too and they are super sparkly in real life too, I personally love the holographic/silver variant and they are very reasonable at £12 each and all handmade by this mega Etsy brand based in Brighton.

Designosaur Wooden T-Rex Skeleton Necklace- £32.32

I can’t do this article without featuring another Designosaur creation, I think this is the most iconic piece in their Etsy shop and is cut into lovely cherry wood, making each piece completely unique. Once again, you can find this style in other dino shapes too.

Truffle Shuffle Jurassic Park Women’s T-Shirt- £19.99

Well, we’ve got to have some licensed Jurassic Park merch in a piece of this nature, this one is that annoying distressed vintage look that I’m not a fan of, but I love this shop and their tees are on good quality cotton. I hear that Primark have had some Jurassic Park pieces knocking about too if you’re on a dino budget.

ASOS Dinosaur Stocking Tights- £8.00

Cute, cute, cute! Don’t need to say much more. I just wish they came in more than one size as they are too tiny for me.

Seen something more awesome? Send me a link!

Would you wear any of these cuties?



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2 thoughts on “Here’s Some Stuff That Has Dinosaurs On…

  1. Not fashion, but Ohh Deer has an amazing dinosaur cushion: http://ohhdeer.com/dinosaurs-cushion I’m eyeing this up for our house when we (hopefully, finally) move! Tesco and H&M have similar cheaper versions too. I’ve also seen a few tutorials for glittery dinosaur Christmas tree decorations which sound like the best thing ever, so am planning to make those this year.

    1. Oh my. That cushion really is rather special!

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