Introducing #TescoBeautySessions…

So, what’s the big secret we’ve been keeping for nearly a whole year? You’ve seen us tease on social over the past few weeks and now we can finally reveal what we’ve been up to with Beauty at Tesco!



Introducing Tesco Beauty Sessions! A free, new service from Beauty at Tesco where you can login and book a complimentary and impartial advise session with one of the above beauty experts. Most of us are bloggers, one of us is a celebrity stylist and a couple are beauty journalists and we’ve all got completely different styles and tastes so there’s an expert for everyone!

6So, whether you want advise on how to keep your hair a crazy colour or want to know how to combat breakouts with a new skincare routine, hit us up!

How does it work?

  1. Head to the Beauty at Tesco website and choose your expert!
  2. Check out their availability (it’ll change each week)
  3. Book a slot up to a week in advance or 30 mins before a slot
  4. Send us a brief description of what you want to talk about
  5. Set up Google Hangouts via your Gmail account (there’s a plugin you need to get going and will need a webcam/microphone set up for it to work)
  6. Log on for your appointment and get up to 20 mins of one to one advise on any beauty problem or brand (it doesn’t HAVE to be Tesco related)

How cool is that?


So yea, get online and check it out, you can find out more and book a slot with myself or one of the other girls here.

The other girls involved are below, they are all lovely and amazing so make sure you go check them out and give them a follow.

What do you think of this idea?

Will you be booking a slot to test it out?


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