Mermaid hair with Stargazer Hair Colour Rinse…

For some bizarre reason my hair seems to be coping really well with being blue. It doesn’t need too much attention and now I’ve stopped pissing around with harsh chemicals and bleach as long as I top up the colour every month or so it’s looking good.

DSC_4577 (600x399)

I normally use Directions hair dye, but they don’t have the best selection of blue shades so when I was sent some shades from Stargazer Beauty to try I was very excited to see how they compared. For this colour refresh I used Stargazer Tropical Green and Royal Blue mixed together.

DSC_4578 (600x399)

These hair dyes come in at slightly smaller than the Directions one but retail for generally 99p cheaper than Directions, so that’s £5 compared to Directions general price of £5.99. They come boxed and in squishy tubes with an applicator tip and gloves. For me those added bonuses don’t make too much difference as I’m mixing with a brush in a bowl instead.

The texture is a nice creamy, conditioner feel and very similar to Direction, maybe a tad thicker. They don’t squeeze very well out of the bottles so I’d recommend grabbing the scissors to cut the bottle open and scrape out every last bit.

DSC_4553 (600x399)

Before: Faded Directions Atlantic Blue

DSC_4587 (600x399)

After: Stargazer Tropical Green and Royal Blue Mixed

Application and development time was pretty much identical to Directions. Maybe this one is slightly less conditioning than Directions as I needed to add more conditioning products afterwards than normal, but nothing really major.


The colour is quite difficult to capture on camera, so I’ve uploaded a couple here so you can get an idea. In real life it’s a kind of jade green shade. The Stargazer shades are more translucent than Directions, so it really depends what colour is underneath. I also would note that the shade doesn’t come out as solid as Directions. However, Stargazer have a much broader range of shades to choose from which is awesome.

What do you think of this shade?

What shade do you think I should try next?





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1 thought on “Mermaid hair with Stargazer Hair Colour Rinse…

  1. That’s a really pretty colour, but I do love the Atlantic Blue. They both really suit you though 🙂

    I’d love to try blue hair, but I don’t think I’m quite brave enough. Possibly purple at some point…

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