Revisiting the issue of ‘real women’ and body shaming…

I was not expecting to wake up and see the start of London Fashion Week kick off with a social media storm created by a stupid body shaming campaign.

A plus sized clothing brand has set up a bird watching hut outside London Fashion Week for #SkinnyBirdWatching, in an attempt to point out that the model size 6 is not what ‘real women’ are. What they actually did is create a body shaming campaign which just insults women of all sizes. Would they think that #FatBirdWatching would have been acceptable? No, it’s not, so why is it OK for them to use slim women as a target of ridicule?


Yes, I’m sure many of us agree that it would be nice to see a variety of shapes on the catwalk, but this is not the way to go about it. Although size 6 may not be the national norm, it is a body shape that a percentage of women have whether that be natural, worked for through exercise or even a side effect of an illness, either way you can’t box all those ladies into one category. Likewise, a lady of a fuller shape could be overweight and putting her health at risk, she could be naturally that shape or could be that way as a result of a lifestyle issue, very much like the size 6 girls just on the other side of the measurement scales. It’s so rare for people to take into consideration what lies beneath that size too, few people are sensitive towards it. Conducting a campaign in this style is just bullying in my mind, you are always going to offend someone.

Whatever the reasons they are all still real women, their size should not be up for ridicule by anyone, ever. The fact the real women is even a term is mildly annoying, because surely anyone who identifies as female can be classed as such?

Anyway, here’s some highlights from the Twitter conversation, which is still going on should you wish to join in:

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