Testing out Kiko Cosmetics Generation Next with some Sugarpill yumminess…

If you’re looking for an affordable beauty brand that delivers great colour range and quality, Kiko Cosmetics definitely hits close to the top of that list, everything I’ve tried I’ve been impressed with and every collection they release shows a diverse range of textures, product innovation and colour range, there really is something to suit everyone.

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Today I’m showcasing some pieces from their latest collection, Generation Next, not to be confused with the reverse combination of words which would be a reference to a sci-fi series from my youth, this collection is definitely nothing to do with Mr. Picard, unfortunately.

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Here’s the product run down for you before I show you a full look using the above products…

Kiko Cosmetics Mosaic Blush in Inspirational Rose Coral- £11.90

The new Kiko Cosmetics Mosaic Blush in Inspirational Rose Coral looks super pretty in the packaging but in action it’s a very subtle shade with a touch of bronze tones to it. Personally, I’d prefer something more vibrant, but I can see this being a hit with many, or as a bronzing/highlighting product instead of the main attraction.

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Kiko Cosmetics Frosted Look Lipstick in Brisk Mauve- £7.50

This is another Clinique Chubby Stick dupe and I just love it! This is one of the products that is converting me to neutral lips. It’s got a pointed, lipstick style nib which makes application more precise and the shade is a pretty rose pink nude which sets matte and is long lasting, highly recommend this one!

Look 1

Kiko Cosmetics Cool Touch Eyeshadow in Experimental Green- £8.90

This eyeshadow is a really unusual texture it’s water based long lasting formula which is indeed cool to touch, it comes with one of those weird sponge applicators, which I would actually recommend using as this shadow does not pick up so well on a bristle brush, but when applied with a sponge or finger the colour is much more intense (you can see this in the swatch below) it’s a very pretty pastel green shimmer, very similar to Sugarpill’s Candy Crush.

Swatches 1

Sugarpill Cosmetics Heart Breaker Palette- £24.96 from CutECOsmetics

One of my staples, as you can see from the pictures it’s heavily used. I use Velocity for my brows as standard and love all the shades in this palette for everyday and creative looks.

Look 1 Make Up

Illamasqua Fundamental Palette (not pictured)- £34.00

A new one for the collection, this pallette is fab for a variety of textures and interesting complimentary colours. The cream colours are excellent for layering underneath powder products to increase longevity.

For the eyes I used the Kiko Cool Touch Eyeshadow in Experimental Green as a base, adding in Can Can from Illamasqua and Sugarpill Mochi, the yellow is from the Illamasqua Fundamental Palette. The brows are Mochi and Velocity. Eyeliner flicks are also from Kiko Cosmetics. Mascara is Too Faced Lashgasm.

Look 1b

Overall, although Kiko might not be the most exciting brand in the world, it’s an interesting basic to add to your kit and a wonderful way to experiment without spending tons of money. Unfortunately, it’s tricky to get hold of at the moment with just a handful of stores, but you can shop online too.

What do you think of Kiko Cosmetics? 

What type of looks would you like to see me create next?


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