The latest Sanrio characters are a lazy egg and a slice of salmon…

Yea, it sounds mental but it’s totally true, it is Japan after all. Sanrio is the brand behind Hello Kitty and a whole world of kawaii (that’s the word Japanese use to describe cute things) characters, so far mostly animal themed. Last year, Sanrio presented 20 possible characters to a public vote to choose new designs to add to the Sanrio world and amazingly, they were all inspired by popular Japanese food. If you don’t know me very well you may not know that I have a bit of a major love for cartoon food with faces on, so this Sanrio revelation is totally up my kawaii street!


So, let me introduce you to the new weird and mega cute Sanrio characters, my research tells me that the other options could have been a tofu geisha, a bread-shaped panda bear and a team of alpacas wearing ice cream, fries and popcorn. I would very much like to see a bread panda, but I think overall they have chosen well.

Gudetama- an ‘unmotivated’ egg yolk

Yes really, this is a cartoon character that’s going to be on a ton of merchandise and it’s essentially a depressed egg that’s bummed out about being doomed to be eaten. It’s also like the simplest thing you could possibly draw. Anyway, his cutest factor comes from his little distressed face and the fact that he’s often seen pictures using a rasher of streaky bacon as a blanket, bizarre but wonderful.

Kirimi-chan- a cuddly fillet of salmon (obviously!)

This one makes even less sense, which is why it’s genius. Let’s take a slice of meat, draw a happy face on it and give it a cute, dinky body, then she can hang out with all her other meat slice friends. And OBVIOUSLY, people will want to buy inflatable fake heads of the character for fancy dress.

The new Sanrio characters are set to land in shops this month according to the internet, although I’m not sure where I’m going to find these beauties in the UK. If anyone spots them about, give me a shout, I especially want some Gudetama in my life, I relate to him.

Are you a fan of all things kawaii?

Who’s your favourite Sanrio character?