Interesting alternatives to the MAC Cinderella collection…

So this morning on Twitter, the beauty loving world are getting their knickers in a twist over the MAC Cinderella collection, after being devastated that they can’t spend their well earnt cash on a bland collection of MAC shades (that you could get at pretty much anytime) packaged up in pretty pastel packaging to mark the launch of the Disney’s Cinderella. Well, calm down dears, it’s not the end of the world, here’s some alternatives for you.

mac cinderella collection uk stockists where to buy and alternatives

Gutted you can’t give your money to two massive corporations? Never fear, I’m here with some more interesting options, so you can prettify your make up collection quickly and on the way give some support to some awesome brands that are lurking in the sidelines.

Alternative (or Dupe) to MAC Cinderella Lipstick in Royal Ball and Butterfly



Pastel lipstick tubes? Check! Nude shades? Check! Do you know what else? These Dessert a Levres from Neve Cosmetics available at CutECOsmetics have a wide shade range, cute shade names like Pink Donut and Cinnamon Roll they are also have delicious dessert fragrances. Only £9.50 and as a bonus they are cruelty free and vegetarian.

MAC Cinderella Palette in Stroke of Midnight Dupes/Alternatives

All of the colours in the MAC palette are pretty standard shades, nothing that stands out to me as being unique or unusual and the packaging is just MEH. Here’s two palettes I’d rather have than this. The Daniel Sandler Sheer Beauty Palette is in gorgeous and the packaging is glamorous. Lunatick Cosmetics Lab is one of my faves at the moment, also available from CutECOsmetics. This is their Relic palette which has 5 shades for £22.95 and it’s cruelty free and vegan.

MAC Cinderella Studio Eye Gloss in Lightly Tauped and Pearl Varnish 

Two of my favourite products from Illamasqua for the eyes. Illamasqua Pure Pigment in Beguile is a wet look shimmering snow white a great colour dupe for MAC Cinderella Pearl Varnish or Reflects Pearl. Illamasqua Vintage Metallix in Courtier is gorgeous and such a nice base for so many things it’s a perfect alternative to MAC Cinderella in Lightly Tauped.

Want something else Cinderella instead? 

MAC wasn’t the only beauty brand to collab with Cinderella! If you’re into your nails I think the collections from Red Carpet Manicure, Gelish and Morgan Taylor, available from Sally/Salon Services are far more interesting!

Can anyone recommend any other interesting dupes for the MAC Cinderella collection?





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  1. You said what I was thinking, the collection did not leave me inspired at all

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