Lime Crime Drama…

As many of you know I’ve been a massive fan of Doe Deere and Lime Crime since the start of the brand, so almost as long as this blog has existed. There’s always been some drama behind the brand and its founder, but I’ve always brushed it to one side considering it a case of bitterness and jealousy or internet trollz. But things have changed recently.



After the recent issue with shoppers from their site having their card details stolen and used for fraudulent transactions and the way the brand and not so elegantly handled this, it’s made me second think everything, this is serious.

I’ve been getting my Lime Crime related images trolled recently because there’s so much hate for this brand and I’ve tried to stay neutral as I do genuinely love their products and their brand. But it’s gotten a bit much recently, the card fraud alone should not have happened and they have not once apologised for what has happened whether it’s directly their fault or not, they should be sorry to have caused so much upset and trouble for so many.

I read this blog post from Instagram fave Rose Shock today (please read it because it’s spot on) and it made me realise it’s time for me to speak out about the brand too, as it’s not public general knowledge yet and I think it’s the public’s right to know what’s going on. Like Rose, I’ve personally had nothing but good experiences with the brand, their customer service has always been ace and their products are beautiful, but is that enough to get them by now?

The fact that multiple websites, Instagram accounts, Tumblr pages and more exist about the drama and horrible stories behind Doe Deere and Lime Crime alone is quite shocking and when you love a brand so much it’s difficult to know who to trust. It also doesn’t help that most of these sites and very bitter and feel very one sided and often come off like they’ve been written by Doe’s arch enemies combined with the worst of the worst internet trollz, so again it’s difficult to know what to trust. I’m not going to link  to any of them, but just Google “Lime Crime Drama” and you’ll see what I mean. This Tumblr made up of genuinely complaints seems to be the most legit source and all of the claims are shocking and something that shouldn’t be happening with any brand ever, no matter what size you are.

Anyway, I could ramble for days about this little dilemma, but to conclude I think I’m going to do as Rose Shock has so gracefully done and say, look guys there’s ALOT of issues here, I’m not going to bin the products I have, but I’m not going to buy anymore and I’m certainly not going to be promoting them. There are alternatives out there, loads of awesome ones too. I don’t know what to believe, but I think the best thing to do is take business elsewhere, just in case. The massive quantity of hate for this brand out there can’t be ignored. I’m very sad to be coming to this conclusion, but I think it’s right.

So, before you get distracted by the holographic unicorn, do some research and double check if this is a brand that you can really get behind or not.



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3 thoughts on “Lime Crime Drama…

  1. I liked her until this drama started all the way back in LJ communities. There was just so much proof then and now it’s increased. It’s crazy! :/

    I have liked the look of LC products but never planned to buy. I did come across this instagram for dupes: @limecrimedupes

    1. Yea it gets to a point when there’s too much negativity to ignore.

  2. I always feel so conflicted over this. On the one hand I LOVE lime crime’s products. I’ve bought 7 different items off their site over the years and I swear by their red velvet velvetines. Or I did. I’ve kind of turned a blind eye to the hate and drama blogs as well, purely because I’ve always had a good experience ordering from them. But my third red velvet is running out and I’m not sure if I can justify ordering a new one. Not only have their prices shot up, they also seem to be getting into more and more hot water with disgruntled customers. So maybe it’s time to look for an alternative!

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