My nails have a Spring Thing going on…

Do you know what colour I really, really hate when it comes to anything other than blusher or lipstick? PINK! I hate it, it’s probs partially down to it being such a stereotypical colour for girls which is forced down our eye balls from being very tiny but even without that it’s just a colour that does not attract me. I thought this nail polish was going to be purple, but it turned out to be more pink and I didn’t hate it.

DSC_4619 (600x399)

So yea, today I’m talking about two new polished from Tesco own brand, BD Trade Secrets, as I’ve said before this isn’t the most glamorous brand out there but these polishes caught my eye so I think they are worth some attention.

Crazy Days in the bottle looks like a lilac with a gold shimmer shift colour, it’s stunning. Unfortunately when it’s on it’s definitely pink. But I don’t hate this pink, it’s lovely shimmer translucent look would be great for layering with other colours, it reminded me of Hemlock nail polish from Illamasqua with its effect.

DSC_4616 (600x399)


Daisy Day is the one to get excited about though, it’s a clear top coat with pieces of baby pink and white matte glitter and daisy shaped sequins, very cute!

DSC_4617 (600x399)

Both polishes are very easy to work with and dry at a reasonable pace, I LOVE the idea of the top coat but I must say it is quite a challenge to get the flower pieces out, you have to fish them out which is a shame. At only £3.99 each though you can’t really complain they are a quick pick me up with a range of pretty colours. I’d still say the top coat was worth a try, but just be prepared for digging out those flowers.



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1 thought on “My nails have a Spring Thing going on…

  1. I don’t often wear pink nail varnish, I think I only own one or two. But that top coat is very pretty, I might have to take a look at that one

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