Odourless, natural nail polish from Little Ondine…

I spotted this brand originally on British Beauty Blogger and it immediately caught my eye, mainly because of the sleek, modern packaging and bright colours. However, this isn’t your ordinary nail polish, it’s pretty unique.


Little Ondine is completely odourless, quick drying and made of natural resins and organic colours. It also doesn’t need any chemicals as it just peels off. Cool right?

DSC_4525It’s easy to apply and really does dry quickly, you’ve got to wait for each layer to dry before adding another coat, but it’s not an issue when it dries so quick. You don’t use a base or top coat on it, which saves time too. They do have a top coat which is optional, but I haven’t tried it yet so can’t comment on it’s performance.


The colours are ace, I found some colours worked with one coat and others with two, so not different from normal. It have completely zero odour due to the lack of harsh chemicals, Miz was particularly impressed with this bit as he hates the smell of conventional nail polishes.

The packaging is awesome, the brush isn’t perfect but it’s not an issue, I just found that it was a little rough so some care needed for applying a smooth finish. I found it worked best applying a blob and then spreading it with the brush instead of the way I would normally apply regular polish in thin layers.

DSC_4529Purple Rain and Cha Cha Glitter

The colours are just as vibrant and fabulous as in chemical polishes, so you’re not compromising there either. What’s even better is that you can now wear glitter nail polish (and they have loads) without the trauma of having to spend AGES trying to remove it.

The only downfall is that it doesn’t last as long as normal polish, which is to be expected really. I reckon you can get about 3 days wear out of it before it starts wanting to peel. It doesn’t chip like normal polish though, you’ll just find the edges lifting a little. However, there are lots of simple tips online of how you can improve the lasting power and on the bright side of things it’s super quick and convenient to reapply and change your colour as often as you like.

DSC_4568Kapow and Boom

So essentially, you’ve got to tweak your expectations a bit, it’s not a normal nail polish but it is a lovely product. Great for anyone with sensitive hands or looking for a product they can switch and changes colours with super easily without ruining your nails.

You can buy the polishes individually at around £8 or in Twins which are two smaller polishes for around £12. So you’re not breaking the bank either.

If you’d like to get 10% discount you can shop direct with Little Ondine and use my code AJR10 or if you’re picking up some other bits at the same time you can also find them at CutECOsmetics.



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