Walls Ice Cream x ASOS Launching in June…

I couldn’t miss a chance to share with you this totally insane, quirky, kitsch and delicious collaboration that I spotted this morning on Instagram. It’s just too perfect not to shout about.

There’s no official photos yet so I’m going to shout about it via the wonderful content that the British media has popped out there for us so far.


Photo from Theresa Caney on Instagram

I’m not personally a massive fan of the sequinned thing, but I love the look of the lolly print behind it and the overall vibrant, playful colours are just super happy and exciting to see.

Photos from @heatworld on Twitter

Some shoe genius has made Summer sandals with Twister ice lollies as heels, how freaking cool is that? Lottie have what looks like ice lolly nail art transfers and there’s a clutch bag to match the sequinned jacket.

Anyway, that’s my little excited squeak for the day and my warning to get saving for the collections launch in June, I’ll update you with more information as I find it.

What do you think?

Would you wear any of these pieces?


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3 thoughts on “Walls Ice Cream x ASOS Launching in June…

  1. Oh those shoes! haha amazing!

  2. I am far too excited for this! x

    1. IT’S SO COOL!

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