Mystic Purple Hair with Colour Freedom…

I’ve officially had weird coloured hair for over a year now, I had bright orange and bright red for about a year and then went into the territory of blues, purples and greens. I’m pretty sure my hair is just stained blue now and due to a little bleach mishap I’m going to be sticking to this tone for a while longer. Today, I’m going to tell you a little about my latest hair dye trial and shade.

mystic purple semi permanent hair colour from colour freedom in superdrug review and swatch by jayne kitsch jayne robinson

So it looks like the bright and pastel hair trend is going to be sticking around for a fair bit longer, lots of professional brands are investing in new dye ranges and even the high street is branching out. One of the latest high street offerings is Colour Freedom, which has recently launched exclusively with Superdrug.

mystic purple semi permanent hair colour from colour freedom in superdrug review and swatch by jayne kitsch jayne robinsonThe new formulas created by Knight & Wilson have a Shea Butter and Argan Oil base to help maintain the hair condition whilst you dye. The range has eight colours in it, including a very on trend silver grey and also an additional product called Pastelizer, which can be mixed with any shade to make it pastel. I suspect the Pastelizer is essentially a white coloured conditioner, but it’s a first in the mass market either way.

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BEFORE: A faded base of Directions Atlantic Blue

At £6.99 for 150ml it’s very good value and the squishy conditioner style tube makes it super simple to work with, the texture is pretty thick too like a conditioner so easy to mange without too much mess. Potentially this tube should last you more than one go too, but if you’ve got thirsty hair like mine you might need a whole tube, as it just absorbs everything at the moment as it’s so damaged.

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AFTER: Colour Freedom Mystic Purple from Superdrug

I’ve picked up another tube of this shade recently as it’s 1/3 off at the moment as it’s a great colour and for me is good for disguising my roots (which are dark blonde) if you were applying this on a lightened base it comes out super vibrant, kind of Ribena coloured, really lovely. My sister has tried the pink which was lush too and I’ve got the blue to try as well. So yea, recommend, it’s awesome and super easy to pick up.

If you need more tips on hair or dying, check out my other Hair posts or give me a tweet with your questions @JayneKitsch.


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26 thoughts on “Mystic Purple Hair with Colour Freedom…

  1. I’ll admit, I’m shocked how well this worked for you. Well done high street!! I’ve used Directions for over 7 years now I’ve never found anything even close to the results I get from it. That purple is AMAZING on you!!
    Gill x EyelinerFlicks

    1. Yup, I always use Directions too. This is a good alternative, I think I still prefer Directions, but love this one too, so would pick this up when I can’t get Directions.

  2. Did it come out like that applied right over the blue? Looks great!!

    1. Yup! The before picture is very representative of the base colour I applied over it. I want to avoid lightening my hair at the moment, so if I stick within the blue spectrum you can just top up the colour instead of lightening each time.

  3. Your hair looks so shiny, I could never manage that with bright colours

    1. As long as you’re not bleaching your hair too much it’s fairly easy to keep hair condition nice. I think a lot of people mess up because they think they have to bleach their hair everytime they recolour, if you stay in the same colour spectrum you can just keep topping up with any shade in that range.

  4. […] the moment, so I spruced it up with this ASOS floral crown and it’s in dire need of some more Colour Freedom dye onto it! Make up features the new Gel Sculpt in Charisma from Illamasqua, I’ll write more […]

  5. You look amazing! Quick question, how many washes did the dye last?

    1. Thank you Beth, I reckon this dye lasted about 3 weeks on me, but had a good fade. Also, because it was on a base on blue it lasted longer. The lasting power will vary drastically depending on hair condition, base colour and what products you are using on it.

  6. I’ve just bought this and I hate the purple on my complexion and skin tone:(( Like seriously hate it, it’s far too bright and I need it to fade SOON!! Do you have any tips on how to fade Semi permanents quick and does it stain your hair? thanks x

    1. Hi Megan, you can fade a dye quicker by using a sulphate rich shampoo like a cheap basic one or baby shampoo. You could also try Scott Cornwall’s Decolour range in Boots or a vitamin C mask. I’ve got another post on removing unwanted dye if you read that it will give you more info.

  7. I’ve been using the Colour Freedom blue dye to dye my hair for about six months now. I absolutely love it, it’s so easy and good value and it even smells nice! However, I want to dye my hair pink at the ends, but I’m not sure how it would work over the blue hair dye that’s already there – do you have any recommendations on removing the blue dye, or how pink would look on top of it?

    1. Hi Olivia, sorry for the delayed reply! Pink over blue will just go purple and a dark one too if it’s over Colour Freedom, the best thing to do is to remove the colour where you want it blue and then dye on a paler base. I’d recommend using Scott Cornwall’s Decolour Remover or Stripper depending on your natural hair colour (Stripper may be better) and get the ends as pale as you can before adding pink, then you’ll get that vibrant shade that you would hope for.

      1. Thank you for your advice!

  8. Looks amazing. Says 6-10 washes. How long does it last. I want it for 2 weeks max x

    1. Hi Corinne, it really depends on so many things like original hair colour and condition, what shampoo you use, what products you use, how you prepare your hair and how often you wash it. You’re best clarifying your hair before getting started to help the dye stick and using a sulphate and silicone free hair care routine if you can too as that will also help preserve the colour. I have more blog posts about how to look after dyed hair if you want to check them out.

  9. Hiya! Love your style! You have the best complexion to carry off all these different colours! I have a question; my hair is currently faded out directions lavender (it’s pale teal!) and I’ve bought some colour freedom blue to try but some reviews aren’t great. Did you use your blue and how did it go? Thanks 🙂

    1. Hi Emma, sorry for the delayed reply. I have used the blue from Colour Freedom and find it to be great, I still prefer Directions for longevity and vibrancy but if you want something that’s easier to find on the high street it’s a good option and good value. Since your colour is faded purple/teal at the moment you should be able to get a vibrant blue from Colour Freedom without pre-lightening your hair. Let me know how you get on and if you have any other questions.

  10. Hey I’ve used this colour and I was wondering what colour did yours fade to when you had it? mine faded to a weird blue colour. Not a big fan of colour freedom as a dye however your hair looks amazing in this and such a lovely colour.

    1. Hi Leah, the fading colour really depends on what colours you have used with it and what base you put it on. I don’t use bleach so never apply on a white base, so the fade tends to be a bit different from a lot of peoples, on this photo I applied the purple over a faded blue base which will have helped. I also like to keep my hair vibrant so will top up regularly. Everyone’s hair is different so each product will be different for everyone. I don’t get on with Manic Panic or Crazy Color but get on well with Directions and Colour Freedom.

  11. I’ve tried the pastel purple and it comes out great but my roots are back, I’m a mid brown what would you recommend to lift the colour so I can keep having the colour.
    Also my my mid length was slightly orange underneath so the purple doesn’t really take to it. Any idea to help with that?

    1. Hi Louise, thanks for your question! Pastel colours are really hard work and difficult to get right. For a proper pastel you need to lighten your hair until it’s white blonde, the more white the better. For this you may need a few different applications of a lightening product which can then leave your hair damaged and dry, so be careful!! Once you’ve got your hair pale you can tone the orange out with a blue toned or purple toned product like Scott Cornwall’s Colour Restore Iced Platinum, once you’ve got that pale base it’s easier to keep the pastel sharp. For root retouches, you have the repeat the above pattern each time, but just on the roots, you can blend the roots into already dyed hair using a balayage technique to break it up so you don’t get a solid band of paler roots which sometimes looks weird.

      1. Is there a particular brand that you would recommend using? there’s so many out there and I want to try and use the least damaging if there is one

        1. Most bright colours are bleach free as they are just semi-perm colours. You want to avoid too much peroxide or ammonia. My favourite brand for bright colours is Directions.

          1. What brand would you recommend for the lightening stage?

          2. Depends what colour you’re starting with. I prefer to use Decolour Stripper, as it’s gentler than bleach and works well on my natural colour with is dark blonde. If you’re going from a dark colour to light it’ll take more effort. It also depends what shade you want in the end, I’ve often put purple over dark blonde/red hair and gotten a good result. If you want to pastel or true to the colour swatch you need your hair to have an extremely light, almost white colour first.

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