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Here’s a little something different for today and something heavily influenced by my lovely Miz and my Dad. I told my Dad that I would send him some names of bands and films that he should check out. I’ll do a film one another day, but thought this would be a fitting way to share some of the songs I’m currently listening to.


Here’s a bunch of new songs from some of our faves, long term faves and stuff that we’ve enjoyed seeing live in the past few weeks. I’m going to try and do one of these more often and would love to hear what you think of them. ENJOY! If you don’t want to listen on my site or want to follow or download the playlist for later you can do so here.

Hope you discover something new that you like, let me know what you think! If you’ve got any music recommendations for me and Miz, let us know!


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2 thoughts on “#CurrentlyListeningTo Playlist for you…

  1. We definitely have a similar taste in music. Have you ever listened to Stiff Little fingers? They are a little less pop and a little more punk though. They inspired Green Day, Offspring and Fall Out Boy :o) Great idea for a post btw!

    1. Yup, my Mum is a fan of them.

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