Highlights from our Barcelona Trip…

This is a long overdue blog post, as we went to Barcelona almost a month ago now! Which has totally flown by with us being so busy. Anyway, wanted to do a little blog post about our trip as it was a first for me. First time in Spain, first time not working towards a strict tourist must see list, first time cycling in another country (and second time since being a kid), first time drinking cocktails on a beach and many more.

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To get things started, that’s me sat on the beach drinking the best cocktail I’ve ever had, a Pina Colada the size of my head. Perfect.

This is not your usual holiday blog post, as you’ll see at a glance this trip was very much about switching off, chilling out and eating and drinking amazing food. Unfortunately, I was ill with a cold most of the journey, but we still made the most of everything.

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We hired these cute green bikes for 24 hours which is definitely the easiest, most fun way of seeing the city and getting around. The bike hire was super cheap and came with bike locks so you can hop on and off whenever you want. There’s quite a lot of cyclists in Barcelona too so it’s fairly safe to get around.

Miz is originally from Tenerife so has a Spanish passport and is fluent in the language, so this made the whole trip extra awesome, be able to venture off the tourist track and feel safe discovering some of the locals only type places.

11188427_10101963573726289_7391042374037957971_n (600x600)We walked past all the famous sights but didn’t fancy the queuing and the expense of doing the whole tourist things, which was the first time ever was cool with me. Instead we spent our time finding authentic Spanish, locals only type eateries and enjoying litres of Sangria for bargain prices. The meal above came in under £13 and was just perfect.

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We ventured out near where we stayed in Poble-Nou to find Pizza Bulls, hidden in a residential area and had this mega deep pan bacon and eggs pizza and super boozy Sangria. Another first on this holiday was Sangria and we really made the most of it.

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We had ‘posh’ food one day sticking to a couple of tapas dishes, we ate a good amount of prawns, something that I only discovered I liked recently and we had tapas for almost every meal.

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We sat on the beach everyday, a sandy beach, which we really wish we had in Brighton. It wasn’t quite warm enough for us to swim in the sea, but almost! The temperature wasn’t putting off anyone else though.

We stayed in an apartment that we found off AirBnB, which was ALOT cheaper than any hotel and also gave us the flexibility to cook at home and have our own space (and internet) in our down time, which was especially valued with me feeling under the weather.

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We found some awesome little cafes and shops, including Lazer (a skate brand) and Caravelle (a cafe that serves craft beer) around the road, Doctor Dou in the El Raval area. This area of Barcelona was very cool, lots of indie fashion and arts, we’ll stay this end next time I think.

I know there’s not that many photos in the post, but part of my strategy for this new type of holiday was to focus more on the moment and less on trying to document everything and I think this was a good move. Anyway, loved Barcelona and we will be going back, food was super cheap, the city has a mix of everything you’d want and easy to navigate and with the awesomeness of AirBnB you can save and tailor make your experience a bit.


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3 thoughts on “Highlights from our Barcelona Trip…

  1. I love Barcelona!! We went on an art college trip about 10 years ago now, argh, that’s an awful thought! I must go back. Good call on AirBnB too, we’ve recently started using them as our first port of call and it’s always been great 🙂

    1. It’s a great place! We’ve been about four times now, so I should really do a post with some more recommendations in it. Gimme a shout if you need any tips as we’ve become quite the pros on the city!

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