Bras: The Struggle

Do you know what else sucks about putting on weight for the first time ever? Bras! So, you’ve spent years building up a wardrobe and great quality, quirky, timeless pieces and the underwear to go with it. Once none of that fits anymore you’re screwed. A good bra is so essential and the first thing you notice when you start to gain weight is the discomfort that an ill-fitting bra can cause.


Luckily, you can donate unwanted bras to charity, in particular Oxfam take bras that are then donated to women abroad where they sell them on markets to make their wage, European bras in particular are extremely desirable in these countries so that’s a good thing. It’d be such a shame to bin so many decent bras just because they don’t fit anymore.

Ok, so now you’ve gotten rid of all those beautiful, yet badly fitting, tiny bras you need to restock. Simple you’d think? Nope! First off, bras are expensive! You’ll probs need to budget for this essential! Next, you’ll need to try and navigate the gazillions of contradicting tips on bra measuring online, yes you can go and get fitted in certain shops, but then you’re usually just getting measured for that particular shop as like with clothes, fit and size changes drastically store to store. Me? I did some research and measured myself, Invest in My Chest has some great blogs about bra fitting.

So yea, figured it out, got some basic bras from Marks & Spencer’s that weren’t particularly exciting but did the job and it’s been OK for a few months. Thought I best pick up a couple of extra ones and could I find my size anywhere affordably priced? NOPE! I’m sure a lot of you are nodding along to this I know for sure that larger cup sizes are difficult to come by, but for someone who’s still relatively small  I didn’t think it’d been so hard work! Yes, I can find my cup size but can I find my band size anywhere, can I heck! Don’t know if it’s just not available or that’s it’s so popular that it’s never in stock but either way something that should be quite a nice experience and used to be one of my fave things to shop for is now a bloody pain in the boob.

When you head to somewhere that caters to a wider size range the price instantly doubles, the quality normally improves too but not always which is another bastard thing about bra shopping. I’ve found department stores are generally your best bet, particularly if you prefer to shop in a real life shop rather than online, which I’d say is a smarter move when you’re needing to try on. Again, Invest in Your Chest has some great articles about know if a bra fits properly.

Ok, so you’ve got you thirty quid for a single new bra, you want to find something pretty, comfortable and is a good fit, here’s the next challenge! Why the hell are so many bra brands so dull? Everything is pastel, lacy or overly sexy. I’d love to see some more cute prints in bold colour palettes rather than the girly, girl approach. I really like Floozie by Frost French for ticking all these boxes but otherwise I can’t think of many mainstream brands that cover everything I want. I know, I’m a fussy girl.

If you like the vintage look there’s brands like Playful Promises, What Katie Did and Kiss Me Deadly but these are much more expensive and not for everyone, think sexy burlesque vibes and some authentic Bettie Page style bras.

I spent hours browsing online at department stores like House of Fraser and only found a tiny handful that I would happily shell out for including a basic t shirt bra in a nice bright colour from Wonderbra (unfortunately this particular style doesn’t do any magnificent cleavage boosts but does fit smoothly and comfortably) and some sleek black numbers from Ultimo.

Rant over.

Where do you like to shop for bras? Can you recommend any great brands that I may not already know? Comment below or drop me a line on (almost any) social network at @JayneKitsch.


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7 thoughts on “Bras: The Struggle

  1. I am having the same issue! All soft cup too and expensive. I just found out I’m two sizes bigger then I thought and I can’t afford to replace them.

  2. Brastop are brilliant for bras, they always have flash sales with really good deals. xx

  3. Debenhams and La Senza do pretty bras from 32 E’s xx

  4. 30FF here so I am hearing you on lack of availability and cost. Try Tutti Rouge. A British brand with a good Big Cartel website. Often have sales of old stock. Plus they do a Sailor Jerry Tattoo print; super cute! Pity, as to my stupid narrow shape, I cannot wear their cuts (well at least the ones based on Liliana and Betty) but they may suit you. If you are narrow set, narrow shouldered, petite/short in shoulder to apex, forward projected and a big cup / small back (welcome to my world) I suggest the popular Cleo by Panache bras ‘Marcie’ and ‘Lily’; cheap (especially last seasons colours on eBay via ‘Belle Lingerie’ e-shop), fun colours and do all the right shaping, support and comfort things. I hope you get some cracking new bras. My bra fit journey has been helped enormously by various blogs (Invest in your Chest, Bras I love and Hate, Sophisticated Pair, Curvy Wordy, Sweet Nothings NYC and Two Cakes on a Plate), I hope you find your perfect bra!

    1. Thanks so much for your comment Alex, will deffo check those out. Sadly no budget for new bras right now but will be bookmarking some of these for viewing at a later date! CHEERS!

      1. No problem! I know how expensive and difficult it is to buy bras if you have measurements that are not common. 😀

        1. I was really surprised how difficult it was to find my size on the high street, I’m not even big! So bizarre.

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