First Impressions of World of Warcraft from a Girl Gamer Newbie

World of Warcraft?! Yes, really. Those of you with little knowledge of the game will, like me be picturing some Dungeons and Dragons type nerd world where creepy geeks who live in their  parents basement work for hours to create mega fantasy characters in order to either fuck other virtual characters or fuck over other characters without even having to leave the house. Thank you South Park. I thought it was about time that I found out what the hype is REALLY about.


If you take a look at the website or pick up one of the World of Warcraft starter kits in a shop you’re faced with a pretty appealing game for any fantasy fan. The artwork is like a hybrid of Lords of the Rings and yes, Dungeons and Dragons and pretty much ticks all the fantasy boxes.

Another super appealing thing is that you can download a free trial of the game which allows you to play up until you reach Level 20 which can be anything from a few days play time to a few weeks. This gives you the perfect length of time to test it out and see if it’s for you. After that you can buy various subscriptions to continue playing, no matter what though your character will remain saved for you to come back to whenever you fancy it, so you don’t have to commit to a long term subscription. Just dip in and out when you’re in the mood.

Set up is a bit long depending on how good your PC is although you can start playing before everything is fully downloaded. If you have a really old computer or crap internet it may not be worth the effort as there is really a lot of stuff needed to fully enjoy the experience.


That’s my character!

Once you’re in you choose a race, allegiance, skill, name and can play with various visual feature of your character such as hair colour and ear shape. Each race, allegiance and skill comes with a different bunch of options and strengths so choose wisely. You can however create multiple characters so also feel free to flick between many if that’s your bag.

Action starts fairly immediately but without loads of restrictions. The beauty of World of Warcraft is that it’s a completely open world so you can pretty much go where you please and pick and choose your missions as you feel like it. There is a natural flow of missions and story if you need guidance but it isn’t the only way to do things which is essentially the biggest appeal of this game.


Screenshot from this gameplay video here. As my computer currently won’t let me open my game to grab my own images. 🙁

If you’ve ever played a PC game before you’ll know that controls can be bit tricky to master especially if you’ve become more accustomed to a PlayStation game pad like me. Warcraft uses a mixture of mouse and keyboard commands which can be customised to your suiting at any time. If you’re playing regularly a mouse over a laptop touch pad is definitely easier. You will end up aching and sitting with your hands at a weird angle if you rely on the laptop touch pad and small keyboard. However, if you’re just testing the game out you can manage.

Graphics within the game are nothing like on the front of the box, but are they ever?! But I’m not complaining because despite some things looking a little retro there’s still plenty of detail to keep you interested and amazed. I also think the quality varies a bit depending on which race you choose. I was a Night Elf which is on of the older options.whereas Miz played as a newer Panda inspired race in which their world seemed more polished. That Panda race is 100% Kung Fu Panda made more badass.


There are so many layers to World of Warcraft but if you’re a rookie gamer like me it’s still fun. You can get stuck into the action with very little tutorial and start exploring without too much experience. This makes me happy and is most likely what make  the  start of something that I  know to  being addictive.
The open world and quick sense of achievement keep you motivated to keep going. For more advanced gamers there’s lots of scope for personalizing your character and learning new skills along the way, so really it’s got layers to cater to all levels of gaming experience.

What I was really interested in the community element what with me being a social media nerd. I haven’t experienced this fully yet but you notice it immediately. As you are playing you’re surrounded by other online  players all the time who you can interact with if you wish and even form alliances with. The community goes deeper than this though with various levels of intensity that you can sign up to. One example being one set up that only allows you to interact with other character whilst you remain in character adding a online role play element to the game. It’s all very intriguing and the various layers of this game make it very clear why it’s addictive.

I will admit that I was addicted for about a month playing everyday but when you AND your partner are playing it at the same time you quickly become anti social so please  handle with care. It is fun and I’d recommend the free trial to anyone who enjoys fantasy games but the immersive, addictive status of this game is certainly not for everyone. I will dip back in to it at some point but right now there’s other things I’d rather be doing such as sorting out this
blog so that it’s something to be proud of again.

Anyone else playing WoW? What are your favourite games? Drop me a comment or get in touch on social @JayneKitsch


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7 thoughts on “First Impressions of World of Warcraft from a Girl Gamer Newbie

  1. I played that game for 4 years, stopped about 5 years ago. Bloody loved it! (I was a Night Elf Hunter before paying to make him a Worgen).

    1. I’m loving how many people I wouldn’t expect are coming out as Warcraft fans since I posted this, so awesome! I don’t have my subscription activated at the moment but will be back online with it when I can justify the spend. I’ve got a whole stack of other games I should be playing first!

  2. Ahh! I played it for many years….It is so addictive! I did stop playing a couple last year when I really got into blogging. My fella started playing it again recently when we found out you can exchange gold for game time…..He keeps trying to convince me to start again. Nope! I am happy playing the Sims 4 & blogging 😀 x

    1. The Sims was always my weakness we never had a computer good enough for online games before. Now I want to play Sims! Did not know you could buy game time with gold. Good to know.

  3. I’m glad to see you had such a great time with the trial! My boyfriend has played WoW on and off for 9 years, and he got me hooked on it too. Just one thing I wanted to bring up; while the trial gives you up to level 20, you don’t even get to touch any of the expansions with the level limit. You could miss out on so much of the huge game world with the restriction of level 20. One of the most beautiful areas I explored when I was levelling (Blood Elf Warrior, here!) was the Borean Tundra & Dalaran, but you can only get to either of those places once you’re 60+. There’s so, so much of the world to explore past level 20 and there’s so much that can be done in it!

    1. I think I got to about level 35 so have moved outside of the trail, I just forgot about it for a while so haven’t paid the subscription again. I’ll deffo head back online when I’ve got some spare time. Got a few Playstation games to enjoy first.

  4. I have playing for 9 off and on and one time worked for WOW I love love the game. Sad to admit I went through a Second Life faze that was kind of gay for a few of them 9 years lol and a Minecraft faze which I still love… But after reading your blog you reminded me of it and well I am back.

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