What would we be doing without blogging?

Blogging has been a massive part of my life for coming up to six years this year. It’s brought me best friends, jobs, a creative outlet, experience and all more than enough free cupcakes and lipstick. It’s also brought me school ground drama in my twenties, paranoia and unnecessary stress. Anyway, it all got me wondering about what many of us bloggers would be doing if we didn’t blog or if blogging didn’t exist.


I know I’m get a bit weird with this one some kind of alternate reality where Mr (or Mrs) Blog never thought about making journals an online thing or even a world where the internet  didn’t exist. Oh the horror, how would we cope without our daily dose of pointless celebrity non-news and cat videos!? We’d have to physically talk to REAL people on a daily basis face to face. Holy crap.

I guess to start thinking about where I might have been now without blogging the easiest thing is to think about where I was at in life when I chose to start a blog. I was in my final weeks of University qualifying with a BA (Hons) in Cinemas, Photography and Television, working in retail and pretty much knowing that I did not have a strong feeling towards working in film or television, which had previously been my most recent ambition. As many of you know I was also soon to get married (but let’s not dwell on that) and of course, that would have had an impact on things too.

In my spare time I was photographing burlesque, pin up and fashion shoots, mainly for free and doing a bit of modelling too. I always fancied acting but some shit that happened at High School put a downer on that and it’s not something I’ve fancied revisiting. Whilst I was working full time in retail just after Uni, I started my blog as a way to keep creative and gain some experience. I guess if this hadn’t have been an option I would have continued writing for local magazines instead. I also created my blog as a place to share things that I loved due to lack of real life outlet for this at the time.

When my blog was new I didn’t know about Twitter and had basic knowledge of social media so pretty much just wrote for myself. I had a handful of regular readers but nothing I’d call a following. I never knew that blogging would become what it is today. If only I’d known back then, I wonder how things would have been different.

One of the things about blogging that really only bloggers can fully understand is the community. Where would we be now without that community? For one, I’d be missing some pretty amazing friends and people who have helped shaped who I am today. On the other hand, I would have avoided some of the anxiety and drama that you can experience when part of the blogging world that is fairly unique to the blogger experience.

giphy (1)

When blogging becomes competitive whether that be because of money, stats, event invites or freebies things change. You can’t say you as a blogger haven’t been made to feel awkward or anxious because of those things at some point. Am I right? Scrolling through Instagram and seeing how flawless other people’s lives seem and forgetting how it’s obviously a heavily mediated version of reality can easily start playing on your mind. Or when you see a live tweet from an event and you feel a bit sad that you weren’t invited to that makes you question what you did to piss off that PR. And then there’s the pressure that you feel to try and conform to a type to be able to be deemed a success or to be able to monetise which is one of the steps towards the ever popular dream of full time blogging, it’s hard work, especially when paired with the everyday demands of a full time job too.. I don’t want that pressure right now, which is why I turned off my ads and have taken some time off to rethink.

Of course, most hobbies and things in life have downsides and the above feelings are some of the downsides of blogging. Well, at least in my experience. I’d love to hear what you guys think too. Some of these feelings are why I’ve been off with blogging for a while too, me trying to rebalance myself and rediscover what I love about blogging away from the pressure and drama. I think I’m getting there.

I seem to have gone off on a tangent now. I’ve got some ideas for some other posts now though. Anyway, would love to hear what you think you’d be doing now if you didn’t have your blog. I think I’d have found another method of creativity, who knows what it would have been. I have no time machine so will have to wait and see what the future brings instead.