Beauty News: Star Wars Make Up Collection from CoverGirl

I think it’s easy to say that one of the origins of my geekdom is Star Wars, it was one of the first films I remember being super nerdy about and learning all the trivia when I was at primary school and beyond all thanks to my parents sharing their love for it. There’s been TONS of Star Wars collaborations knocking around in the last few years and I think this is largely due to the franchise being acquired by Disney. The latest collab spot by me is this one for CoverGirl. UPDATE: There’s also a collection with the same visuals coming out with MaxFactor in the UK!

star wars make up collection for covergirl with pat mcgrath the force awakens

First off, the campaign visuals are a massive wow for me, with make up created by the legendary make up artist Pat McGrath, whose work you’ve definitely seen gracing celebs, runways and magazine spread for years. Here signature bold, theatrical look is at play again with this campaign and I absolutely love it. It’s not too obvious and they’ve made references to the films but with a high fashion, achievable, glam way. LOVE it.

star wars make up collection for covergirl with pat mcgrath the force awakens stormtrooper make up

The limited edition collection is most likely to be launching in time for the Star Wars The Force Awakens film that’s coming later this year and includes three nail polishes, six lipsticks and 10 mascaras. God knows why they wanted to do TEN mascaras and I have no idea why they haven’t chosen to do them lightsaber shaped, however, they have adorned them with metallic silver Star Wars quotes on them and that’s cool. Can’t find any information on what makes them all different at the moment.

three nail polishes, six lipsticks and 10 mascarasThey colours in the nail polishes and lipsticks look pretty awesome, a nice variety of totally easy to wear shades and more adventurous, creative shades which I’m quite surprised by from a high street brand. I’d love to see how the gold performs and the plum purple looks LUSH!

star wars make up collection for covergirl with pat mcgrath the force awakens

Generally the packaging isn’t anything too special, I like the mascaras with the quotes on as they seem fitting but everything else is just your standard packaging with logos on. I’ve never tried any CoverGirl make up so no idea what the performance is like, but it’s definitely popular in the States so I’d be up for trying it. Unfortunately, I don’t think this will be available in the UK, so if you fancy it you best enlist a mate to pick it up whilst on their hols.

star wars make up collection for covergirl with pat mcgrath the force awakens

What’s going to turn up next from the Star Wars franchise? How do you feel about it being owned by Disney now? Is it going to go too far? Who knows. I still love it and I’m looking forward to seeing what the new film brings. And if anyone who loves me is heading to America around September time, let me know so I can send you shopping! 😉


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5 thoughts on “Beauty News: Star Wars Make Up Collection from CoverGirl

  1. 😮 I had no idea Covergirl are planning a Star Wars collection! I want it all! I agree, Lightsabers would of made perfect sense :/

  2. I saw these new makeup last day on facebook and I really love the metallic tones! I would like to have all of them!

  3. Woah, gold eyebrows! I agree they missed a trick not making light-sabre mascara wands! Not sure if this will be out when I’m in Florida, but I can have a look. Let me know what you’d like 🙂

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