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This year has been about getting excited about travelling, finding my sense of adventure and making plans for future escapades. So far this year, we’ve been to Barcelona and to Amsterdam. We’ve also visited my Mum in Wales (exotic!) and been to my third ever music festival, which was awesome and I really ought to blog about separately at some point.

One of my favourite places that I’ve visited in earlier years is Paris. I was always good at French in school, Moulin Rouge is one of my fave films and I grew up reading the Anne Rice Vampire Chronicles of which part are set in Paris. My first visit to the French capital, was when I was in Sixth Form and was my first trip abroad without my parents. It was for an art trip to see all the artsy sights and it was so fun.


Last time I went to Paris was a few years ago around Christmas time and it was beautiful, definitely a lovely place to be in the festive season with their Christmas markets and pretty lights everywhere. I finally made it to their flagship Laduree location which was stunning too.


The only problem with Paris is that it’s so expensive when you get there, don’t order a Coke with your meal, it’s cheaper to get a beer or even a glass or wine! And it’s the price of visiting which means that alas, it’s not high up on my holidaying list for soon, we’ll be back to bargainous Barcelona first for sure. However, we’ll all be pleased to know that Paris weekends are very good giveaway prizes and it just so happens that LeisureJobs are running their #PerfectParis2015 comp right now and you can enter to win a fabulous prize and it’s very easy to enter. I know I’ll be entering, because you can’t say no to a free holiday that’s for sure!



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