Marceline the Vampire Queen Adventure Time Make Up

So this weekend, I’m supposed to be at MCM ComicCon, unfortunately our car broke down and we had no affordable mode of transport and had to spend out comic buying money on car parts instead. Instead of bringing you a MCM post, I thought I’d show you something cosplay inspired instead. My second Adventure Time costume in the works, Marceline the Vampire Queen!

marceline the vampire queen adventure time cosplay make up jayne kitsch jayne robinson fancy dress

So yea, last year, me and Miz did Adventure Time fancy dress for my birthday party, which later resulted in me making my very own bubblegum sword, I really need to photograph that outfit properly to show you guys, but anyway turns out that a lot of Adventure Time costumes are fairly straight forward to make them look awesome.

For Halloween, we’re heading to Dude Ranch in Brighton where Miz’s band are playing a set including some rad cover songs so it was the perfect time to whip up another Adventure Time costume, here’s my first make up test.

DSC_6111 (600x399)

I’m soooo happy with it! I used Snazaroo Face Paint, which is the brand that is commonly used by professionals. It’s a cream based solid product which you activate with water. I applied it on clean, dry skin using a foundation brush, as I found this was the most effective. To build up the level of coverage you want you may need to do a layer, let it dry and then build on top of that.

marceline the vampire queen adventure time cosplay make up jayne kitsch jayne robinson fancy dress

I used Kiko Cosmetics black gel liner for the brows and eyeliner flicks (it felt bare without any detailed make up) and to make the eyes look a bit spookier I lined the waterline with a Illamasqua red lip pencil. I really wanted to buy some fangs, but didn’t have the spare money to justify it this time so just drew them on using a MUA white eye pencil, then filling in the rest of the lips with a matte red lipstick. I actually really love how these fangs turned out, especially as the character is a cartoon character.

marceline the vampire queen adventure time cosplay make up jayne kitsch jayne robinson fancy dress

I’d love to add red or black contact lenses to this look too, but again that’s an extra cost, so for now this will do. The wig is an EPIC one, it’s ridiculously long and I got it from Coserstudio on eBay which was recommended to me by Briar Rose who is now a cosplay pro! You can find black wigs on Amazon too, just make sure to check where it’s coming from so that you get it on time, many come from China and can take a few weeks to come.

Hopefully I’ll grab some extra pics of the full outfit on Halloween which I’ll share on Insta and maybe add to here. If you’d like to see more cosplay/creative looks, let me know!


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4 thoughts on “Marceline the Vampire Queen Adventure Time Make Up

  1. Ah no that’s such a shame that you missed MCM Comic Con, is everything sorted out with your car now? I love the make-up you did for Marceline, it looks awesome! Adventure Time is one of my absolute favourites. – Tasha

    1. Yup, car is all fixed now. Just an unexpected expense and inconvenience! Luckily there’s a smaller comic con in Brighton next week, with James Marsters from Buffy as a guest!!

  2. That look actually really suits you, seriously! Cutest vamp ever ^_^

    1. Hehe. Thank you!

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