Etsy Gift Guide for Gaming Geeks

Apparently it’s Christmas soon, so that seems like a good enough reason to create a list of some really, really cool stuff you can get on the awesome Etsy. Since Miz is currently engrossed in Fallout 4 on PS4 and I continue to be powering ahead with Borderlands 2 DLC’s, I thought it’d be fun to pick out some of the best Etsy bits and bobs with a gaming theme. Enjoy!

Acrylic Borderlands pins from Chinook Crafts only £5.41 each. Heart container necklace from Cherryloco only £12. Fallout Vault Boy Patch under £5 from CoolSpotGaming. 8 bit Zelda shield and sword necklace duo only £9.49 from Nastalgame. Gaming control necklace from Sugar & Vice only £16. Pokemon energy logo patches from Little Bear Patches £33 for the full set. Crochet magnetic Katamari ball from ManifestedDreams for £20.33.

If you don’t know Etsy already, it’s an online marketplace for indie sellers, artists and makers and you can pretty much find anything on there, plus you’re supporting individual people rather than big corporations. I’ve been a fan of Etsy for a very long time and just last year I opened my own shop FINALLY! I can spend HOURS browsing all the random, interesting and amazing stuff the site has to offer. I’ll do some more of these guides in the coming weeks as there are SO many cool things I could share with you.




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3 thoughts on “Etsy Gift Guide for Gaming Geeks

  1. LOVE THIS SO MUCH! Thank you, I’ve got a lot of gifts from Etsy this year!

    1. Thanks Kariss, I’ll do some more too as they are fun to do, I’ve SO many things on my faves list that I can feature. There’s so much random awesome stuff on Etsy.

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