Beauty News: Star Wars Pat McGrath Max Factor UK Limited Edition Launch

So back in August I reported on the U.S launch of a Star Wars CoverGirl collection and it sure got a lot of geek girls pretty excited, it was a massive collection of a range of colours inspired by looks created by the awesome Pat McGrath. Well, I’m pleased to say that we finally have news on the U.K launch, so read on to find out more of what’s in store and how to get hold of this super limited collection.

Max Factor Star Wars Limited Edition Range Bundle Image

So yea, that’s what we’re getting. The U.S CoverGirl collection saw 8 mascaras with quotes on the tubes, 6 lipsticks and 3 nail colours with colours ranging from safe red to metallic silver. The U.K counterpart is coming this week from MaxFactor and all we’re getting is two lipsticks and one mascara.

Max Factor StormTrooper inspired by Star Wars created by Pat McGrath

The lipsticks are in shades Berry and Gold for £7.99 and look like decent shades and part of what must be leftovers from the CoverGirl launch. The mascara however, is just a repackaged version of MaxFactor’s False Lash Effect for £10.99. Disappointing I know, but at least we’re getting something.

Max Factor Droid inspired by Star Wars created by Pat McGrath

What’s even more of a pain is this launch is sneaking into the UK for a one day only limited edition sale exclusive to so we won’t have the chance to swatch in stores. The official release says the range will be landing on the Boots website in the “early hours” of Thursday 26th November and will stay on sale until they sell out, which although it’s a meagre offering won’t be around for long. So yes, if you’re keen, set your alarms and get ready to ninja the MaxFactor page of Boots, personally I’m not going to bother, but I know some of you will be keener than me.



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3 thoughts on “Beauty News: Star Wars Pat McGrath Max Factor UK Limited Edition Launch

  1. Whoa, thats a sorry state of affairs isn’t it? I love the look of that Berry colour but its a meagre offering. I think I will skip it.

    1. Yup, such a fail. Was talking to Hayley (LBQ) and she reckons it’s because retailers didn’t want to have to deal with such a massive marketing campaign so close to Xmas and with it being MaxFactor they aren’t the obvious brand to be associated with something cool. I think it’s a massive missed opportunity and such a shame that they didn’t bring the full line up to the UK especially alongside that stellar artwork by Pat McGrath.

  2. That’s disappointing, especially as one is basically a repackaged mesacra. I might plum for a lipstick, I’ll see how I’m feeling.

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