Star Wars Merch is Everywhere…

As any self-proclaimed nerd will know, it’s the première of the latest instalment of Star Wars TONIGHT! I grew up on these films, remembering watching the original trilogy with my parents on VHS recorded off the TV from sometime in the 80s, complete with vintage advertisements from Woolworths and Fry’s Turkish Delight and stored in a classy faux leather bound book case. At primary school and at high school I got teased for being such a nerd, until it got to a stage that guys thought it was pretty rad that a girl knew so much about Star Wars. Anyway, whether you’re a fan or not there is SO MUCH MERCH about right now and I thought I’d share an edit of some bits that might be a little less obvious.

Gingerbread character Christmas sweater £21.99 from IWOOT, Darth Vader Kickers Boots £149.99 from Mastershoe get 20% off with code DARTH until 21th Dec, Totally RAD Boba Fett handmade dress £88 from Action Pink on Etsy, Cute and practical Ewok hoodie £65 from BostinBlast on Etsy. Totally essential build your own lightsaber on 3 for 2 and £35 from Boots. Cute kitten Star Paws t-shirt £19.99 exclusive to TruffleShuffle. Psychedelic Boba Fett badge from a Star Wars inspired range by Manic Minotaur on Etsy. Awesome Adventure Time x Star Wars mash up from Joe Hogan and Mike Vasquez £13 from Etsy.

Anyway, there’s still time to order from these guys if you need some more Christmas shopping doing. I’m off to play Star Wars Battlefront on the PS4 now and I’ll be catching the new film, praying for it not to be shit as soon as the cinemas are quiet enough for me to be comfortable with, may the force be with you!