Using Your Audience To Inspire Change…

I’ve been pondering this post for a while now and even now not sure how it’s going to pan out, but I felt that it was an important post to write as it applies to so many different people. What I want to discuss today is about how anyone with an audience needs to take responsibility to use that audience and influence to create goodness and positivity in the world, there’s so many ways this can be done and I don’t think we consider this enough.

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For bloggers it’s so easy to be so focused on your particular niche, writing endless pretty posts about candles, lipsticks and shiny nail polish or whatever other materialistic focus your site might have. For artists, musicians and the like it’s about making a success of your work, to become popular and to achieve various different milestones that again, it’s easy to be distracted by your own personal bubble. Last month we were at a punk gig in London, in fact the very day that the UK bombed Syria and the opening band decided to announce that they weren’t going to say anything about politics in case they upset anyone (including a somewhat inappropriate pun about land mines) and to be quite frank that just pissed me off, especially from a genre of music that should be about inspiring change, challenging politics and speaking up about any problems. What a great opportunity to get an audience to think and unite over an issue which was lost due to lack of balls.

No matter what you do, where your audience is or what your niche is chances are you’ve got an audience that trusts you, is inspired by you and you can help impact change with. Whether it be anything from 10 people to a million+ many of us have an audience now on one level or another and I believe more of us need to take responsibility to use our influence and audiences for good causes whether it be a small or large group of people. Of course, at this moment in time politics is where we need a lot of help and I know that not everyone feels comfortable speaking up about these topics and it’s very easy to feel like you can’t really do anything and anything you might do is pointless, but if we all bunched together to put some positivity back into the world, maybe we can start a change on some scale?

Those changes don’t always have to be directly related to politics either, like I say, it’s a tricky one for many of us to comfortably discuss so if you don’t feel you can touch that subject with a personal touch, simply sharing other people’s articles/tweets…etc that have the message you want to express is a positive move too. Although I know what my opinion is it is difficult to put it into your own words, so I’d much rather share the sentiment from a more eloquent source, usually on Twitter. And if you still don’t feel right talking politics just doing good somewhere else in life can be a help whether that be helping a friend, a charity or spreading the word about another issue close to your heart.

We’re in a really difficult point in history and I’m sure you will all agree with this. Wherever you stand on the issues, you will agree that there are some seriously cruel and evil things happening right now due to human corruption which we cannot ignore. It’s our duty as citizens of the World to do what we can to restore some positivity, hope and inspire change for the better in whatever way we can. And let’s remember not to use Christmas as an excuse to be charitable or thoughtful to others, this needs to be a year round commitment! Now is not the time to sit back and pretend everything is OK, because it’s not and we can make a difference and we need to do something.

Another thing we need to consider is that the world is full of corruption and human error and with that in mind we need to do our research before supporting a cause too, is it something that really matches your personal ethics? Do you know where your help is going? Always think outside of the box.

It’s an easy first step to write down your thoughts, share someone else’s thoughts that resonate with you or make a donation to charity whether money or items, but what else can we do? I want to do more, I’m not sure what or how yet, but I’m doing some research at the moment and will keep you guys informed. Sorry if this has been a bit of a rant, but I think it’s an important thing to be talking about right now and since this is my blog, I’ll write what I like.

Would love to know what you guys are doing to help others at the moment, what charities are you involved with, do you volunteer? What do you think we can do to inspire change and to make change happen?

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