A year on from my blog re-brand…

Facebook memories popped up today to remind me that it’s been a year now since I re-branded my blog in both name, branding and design. I thought it’d be interesting to take this moment to evaluate what difference this made to my site and if it was worth it. I know it’s one of those things that bloggers always stress over a lot, so may be helpful to some of you, I imagine this will ramble into some kind of rant too.

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I started this site in 2009 under the name Jayne’s Kitschen and it was supposed to be a site hosting cool things across all categories of my interest that I found that generally had a kitsch style to them, it was never supposed to be a review site and it was never supposed to be commercial, it’s gone through lots of phases over the years and plenty of changes but I never changed the name until a year ago. I changed the design and logos only twice before last year and one of those changes was only because I went from a WordPress URL to a self hosted one and needed to change the design for that switch over.

One of the main reasons that I decided to re-brand was because the blog name, Jayne’s Kitschen was a bit confusing, I used to get ALOT of kitchen and cooking related press releases sent through which was not my bag at all. Also, I was pretty surprised at how many people didn’t get my pun and didn’t know what kitsch even meant. Another factor was because I was joining the Tesco Beauty Sessions team, which I was hoping would bring me lots of new opportunities and traffic, I wanted the brand and site to be the best I could make it, so timed the rebrand to fall just before the Tesco project to make the most of the extra attention we all imagined it would bring.

I’d been using the name Jayne Kitsch on social media for at least a year before this re-brand too, so that helped the process, it meant that I wasn’t changing beyond recognition. I think re-branding to something completely new is a different game, lots more challenges than my changeover. I did the design all myself for the new site, I drew the logo by hand and coloured it in on Photoshop and then bought a WordPress template from Etsy and tweaked it myself. The most stressful thing was the URL redirect, but luckily I had a good team behind me to support on this.

So, what difference did it make? Was it worth it? Well, I definitely personally prefer the new URL and branding myself, but outside of my personal opinion it hasn’t really changed much. I had a small slump of traffic in the crossover due to technical reasons and then a big increase on the announcement of the changeover and my involvement with the Tesco project (which is now dead) then it kinda fizzled out back to normal. I put a lot of extra effort into content around the re-launch too so that obviously had a small impact, but really it was the same old situation.

I was really disappointed with the Tesco project too, it was great at the start and we were compensated well, but it didn’t bring the extra publicity that we had been both promised and personally hoped for. At least the re-brand of my blog satisfied me personally, I prefer the layout and design now for sure, but I had hoped for it to help commercially too, since I’m freelance the extra income is always welcomed. It soon came to light that perhaps my site was never destined for commercial success and that I should focus more on using it as an outlet for my own personal creative needs.

It’s been like a massive weight has been lifted since I came to terms with the fact that my site will never be a famous blog and that it’s never going to be a full time income (or even close!). I’ve tried so hard for little reward and I’d much rather use that energy in a more productive fashion both professionally and personally. Things are going to keep changing for my blogger life too, not sure where it’ll end up yet, I know I’ll keep blogging and I know that it’s blogging for creativity rather than stats or commercial success now. Yes, I’ll still work with brands when I see fit, but I won’t be stressing over those partnerships, I’ll only be writing what I want, when I want and in my own way. I hope more bloggers will start to get back to the root of their blog, the origins and re-discover the personal pleasure of writing for yourself.

Rant over. Hope it was useful/interesting to someone.


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8 thoughts on “A year on from my blog re-brand…

  1. So interesting to read about this! Blogging can be incredibly pressurised nowadays. Keeping up a commercial blog seems like such a lot of endless work, it really can suck the fun out of it. It’s a real relief to step away from all that stuff and trust that who ever is meant to be drawn towards your blog still will be.

    1. It is 100% trying to be commercial which made me start to hate blogging, it was causing me more stress than any job I’ve ever had and wasn’t worth it. I feel so much more comfortable with this new format and style and being comfortable that commercialism isn’t on the radar.

  2. Your one of several bloggers I follow who have said exactly what you did – their site isn’t going to be the income source they hoped and have returned to their roots. I think your rebrand is excellent and I love the colours and layout. I love your original content as well. While I don’t fault anyone who’s site is driven by reviews, I can only read so many post about the same mascara.


    1. Thank you Alison, you’re always so supportive of what I do and I really appreciate it. There are so many bloggers who do reviews so well I don’t see why I should try to compete with them, I’ll review stuff when it’s SO me I can’t not do it but I can see my site being much more an online diary and thoughtful pieces of ramblings instead. I’m not going to worry about the audience too much, just do what I like and some people will stay with me through that and some won’t and that really doesn’t matter either way. Thank you for always taking the time to comment and feedback.

  3. I really do think that having your own part of the internet that’s simply for you to enjoy is a wonderful thing, a thing that can help to keep you sane on some rubbish days even, so I think it’s a good thing to not get too commercialised. Y’know, unless one of our blogs does get really famous for some crazy reason! ;o)

    1. Yup, it’s my haven now and I’ll do what I like with it. Will be nice to loose the pressure of having to please brands for little reward and rediscover why I started doing this in the first place!

  4. This was so helpful! on the last hurdle of re -designing myself as I somehow let the blog turn into a review site for stuff I really wasn’t excited about. When it does go live, really aiming to just do creative stuff that I love, rather than it be dependant on brand support. It feels liberating. It’s really great to see you, doing exactly what you want to do.

    1. I’ve only just seen this as I don’t check my blog very often. Thanks for commenting though, it’s SO rare now. Funny that I’m coming across as “doing exactly what you want to do” because I still don’t really know what that is myself. There’s too many different things I want to do and I only have so much time/energy/money on top of the basics. Thanks for always chatting to me, I really appreciate it.

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