Cute Spring Day Bags Wishlist

This is the sort of post I used to love doing on a regular basis and over the years has dropped off. Although I don’t shop much, I do love looking and love discovering beautiful, unique and quality designed products in almost any category. So, hopefully you’ll see more of these posts as I go back to basics and back to blogging what I like, when I like. Today, I’ve got some picks of some adorable day bags, I’ve been in need of a replacement for my current day bag ever since I was sick inside of it. TMI?

I don’t know why, but I’ve always loved the colours red and blue, so always drawn to accessories in these shades too. All of these bags that I’ve chosen are made from quality leather, a material that is so worth investing in. Leather is durable, easy to clean and ages beautifully so you can justify spending a little extra knowing that it’ll last you a lifetime.

The new-ish Cloud Bag shape from The Cambridge Satchel Company (from £125) is adorable, I really love it and it’s available in a variety of colours, sizes and finishes, check out their ice cream palette for SS16!

I can’t resist these classic satchel shapes, this cresent shaped one from London Etsy seller, JALAL is a perfect, timeless piece in a simple shape and a selection of colours. At £55 for handmade leather, you can’t really go wrong.

I love this aqua coloured leather with lime green accent tassle from another Etsy seller, this time in Russia. The boxy shape will make it ideal for fitting in everything you need.

BritStitch have their adorable heart shaped collection in for Valentine’s Day again. So sweet, a little pricey for it’s size at £75 but still worth it.

My ridiculous, never going to happen designer piece on this list is from Anya Hindmarch, this label’s brought out some totally kitsch and amazing pieces over the years and if I was a millionaire I’d have lots of them. This Tony the Tiger bag made my smile but at £695 it’s NEVER going to happen.


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  1. These are all very lovely and practical also. Best reason I know to get a new bag ☺

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