Heart Shaped Fashion Wish List…

Yes, it was Valentine’s Day yesterday but to avoiding being a cliche I thought I’d share this heart shaped wish list the day after instead since I love these cuties because they are heart themed and nothing to do with V-Day and I’d wear these things any day of the year for sure. If money was no object I’d likely own every last thing on this collage TODAY! Obviously it’s all red, because I just don’t do pink!

Ace of hearts pencil case from Skinny Dip £14, Dr. Martens heart shaped satchel £75, Lazy Oaf loose fit heart shaped smock dress £65, Ban.Do heart shaped inner tube pool float £22, Love Moschino heart print dress £108 and heart shaped lipstick from Kiko Cosmetics £5.90.

So yea, if you still dig the kitschy cute heart shaped themed there’s a small chunk of some of the gorgeous bits and bobs still out there post- Valentines Day, now just to wait for pay day! That Dr. Martens bag is HIGH on my dream bag list right now and has been ever since they first released the style years ago as part of an Agnes Deyne collection.


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3 thoughts on “Heart Shaped Fashion Wish List…

  1. Those lipsticks are so cute! i love them I think everything should be heart shaped! 😛

  2. Great post idea post valentines! I’d forgotten all about that bag until reading this, I’m really trying to justify buying another novelty bag, ha! I love that pencil case as well.

    1. There was a Skinny Dip bag that went into the sale that I was 100% going to buy, alas, I had loaned my card to Miz and by the time he got back with it, it was sold out. Such my luck. I just can’t own nice things at the moment.

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