Adventure Time Toys in McDonald’s Happy Meals 2016

Another Adventure Time post you say? Yes, because it’s my blog and I can write what I like and this is bloody brilliant so you really ought to know about it. Miz and I had a naughty McDonald’s lunch today because we were feeling sad that we had to rehome our pet fish today and we needed 20 McNuggets to console ourselves. To make things ever better I spotted (and quite nosily made it aware that I was excited) that they’ve got Adventure Time Happy Meals at the moment.

Adventure Time Happy Meal Toys from McDonalds March 2016 Head Swapping Figures

EDITED TO ADD: I got hold of an OFFICIAL photo via someone on Twitter, here’s the full line up.

Adventure Time Happy Meal Toys from McDonalds March 2016 Head Swapping Figures

Seriously, how cute are these? They’re like Funko Pop Figures but more affordable and odd, their heads come off with the idea that you and mix and match their bodies (anyone remember Halfsies from Roman Dirge?! Myspace people will) it’s a bit of a weak selling point, but I guess they had to make them a bit more fun for the kids. But really, they’re for adults, right!? I couldn’t find any official photos so have borrowed from good old social media!

Oh My Glob. I literally won’t sleep till I have them all. ?? #adventuretime

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These little cuties come in pairs with a little fact sheet and stickers. There’s also a totally rad competition where you can win to become one of the voices in the show, what a dream! If you get a Happy Meal there’s also a token to get a free Adventure Time book from participating retailers too. Totally mathematical! If you don’t fancy a Happy Meal anytime soon, you can buy them for a bargainous price of only £1!

I’m not supposed to be buying anymore stuff before moving, but it’s going to be difficult to resist these, I want a Wild Berry Princess and Flame Princess especially.


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18 thoughts on “Adventure Time Toys in McDonald’s Happy Meals 2016

  1. Wahhh no way! I’ll be treating myself to a happy meal this evening haha xx

  2. Hi the adventure time blind bags come in different coloured blind bags down here in Ireland. So far its not random for us. Excuse me, I havent remembered all their names (Must have an adventure time marathon soon!)
    Green- Diamond ring princess and Jake pulling a face
    Purple- Cupcake Man and Regular Jake
    Yellow- Bee Princess and Ice King

    May I ask what color you got PB in? I only got these because I want PB

    1. Aha! Amazing, thanks for sharing this information, I did not know this. I think mine was in a weird orangey yellow, not entirely confident though. Maybe orange if you got Bee Princess in a yellow one?

  3. What colour bag does lady come in

    1. I have no idea I’m afraid.

    2. Lady comes in the hot pink bag along with Ice King.

  4. Spent a fiver on these today! Ended up getting Princess Bubblegum, Cinnamon Bun, Gunter, Flame Princess, BMO and Hot Dog Princess. Got two doubles so I gave them to a little kid who was there at the time.

    1. Apparently the blind bags are colour coded so you can tell if you have doubles by that method if you want to be sneaky. I haven’t got anymore yet, but will probs pick up another next time I pass.

  5. Hey guys! So far I’ve got, Happy, YELLOW (Ice King and Bee), WHITE (Finn and Billie), ORANGE (BMO and Hotdog), BEIGE (PB and CB), GREY (Butler and Snail), BLACK (Flame and Gunt), PINK (Marcie and Ric) , GREEN (Jake and E ring Princess), does anyone know what colours the other bags are?

  6. If you ask the staff they will show you a photo on their tills with all the coloured bags and what they contain 🙂

  7. BLUE (Magic Man & LSP), PURPLE (jake funny face and Mr cupcake)

  8. I wanted to added my colours!

    Light blue (science PB and Tree Trunks) and Turquiose (The Liche and Wildberry Princess)

  9. Does anyone know why australia doesnt have magic man, banana guard, lemon grab or a few other good ones?

  10. Pink is Marceline and Ricardio – and the rest that I’ve got have been mentioned 🙂

    1. Are you sure it’s pink? I think it might be red. I got a pink one and it was Lady/IK.

      1. I haven’t seen all the colours to be able to distinguish between the shades. It’s quite a mission. Lots of other comments on this blog that with more detailed insight should you still be wondering. 🙂

  11. The dark pink is marceline and ice kings heart dark green is normal jake and engagement ring princess

  12. This is the list in Ireland

    BMO Blue – Jake and Engagement Ring Princess
    Black – Flame Princess and Gunter
    Orange – BMO and Hot Dog Princess
    Green – Marceline and Banana Guard
    Red – Choose Goose and Lemongrab
    Pink – Lady Rainicorn and Ice King
    Yellow – Princess Bee and Ice King
    White – Finn and Billy
    Dark Blue – Finn and Neptr
    Purple – ?
    Blue – ?
    Pink – ?
    Light Blue – ?
    Grey – ?

    There are a few more colours I think, there’s 16 in total.

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