Jeremy Scott’s Inflatable Shoes for Melissa Plastic Dreams Shoes SS16

I’ve been a massive fan of both Jeremy Scott and Melissa Shoes since I first became aware of either of them existing. I first discovered the magical, shoes of my dreams via the first ever Vivienne Westwood collaboration with Brazillian shoe brand, Melissa. I worked across the road from the Westwood shop and the first time I saw their sky blue and red Lady Dragon shoes, I just had to have them. They were in fact my first ever designer purchase from a designer store and I’ve still got them today.


As I’ve not been the closest follower of mainstream fashion for the past four years or so I would say I’m a late arrival to the kitsch and colourful world of Jeremy Scott designs. The first time I saw the craziness of Jeremy Scott was probably either one of his collections for Adidas (probably because Jedward were wearing them) or his The Simpsons collection which I remember seeing in store at the amazing fashion boutique that used to be on King Street in Covent Garden, which I can’t remember the name of right now. Either way, when you see these two creatives collaborating you know it’s going to be awesome.


Those in a bit more of know that me will know that this isn’t the first time these two quirks have collabed as Melissa have been supplied shoes for Jeremy Scott collection before. I can’t give you more information as my Google skills are failing me. So let’s just have a look at the collection that’s out for SS16 and available to buy right now.


The fun concept with this collection is that each style has been made to look like it’s inflatable with the simple addition of a clear rubber spout like you’d find on a beach ball or pool float. It’s a really fun idea that plays so well with the shiny, rubbery goodness that Melissa are so well known for now.


These kitten heeled boots are similar to the Vivienne Westwood boot that is available from Melissa, but these ones have the retro 1960s vibe twist with dinky heels and a more almond shaped toe. The colour array here is screaming Liquorice Allsorts to me, cute.


The Ultragirl style s a classic ballerina in an array of wearable and versatile shades. There’s two toe accessories on offer a bow and a heart. I’m not sure there’s a colour way for me in this style but if you’re new to Melissa shoes these are a practical way to try out the brand. Just beware if you have broader feet as these shoes don’t mould to your shape like leather ones at all. melissa-jeremy-scott-shoes-1

I actually quite like these sandals which remind me SO much of Pandemonia. I met her once. I think it’s the balloon animal vibe I’m getting from this shape. These are flat so ideal for beach holidays and I think the pair I’d opt for should the comfort be there. I couldn’t decide on a colour though!melissa-jeremy-scott-shoes

These are the mule shapes you might have seen before in another Jeremy Scott runway show or campaign. They’ve got their little blow hole accessory on the back of the heel for some subtle detail and their shape and texture remind me of Barbie doll shoes. Not digging these shade choices so much in this style though. melissa-jeremy-scott-shoes-6

The final design is a kids style (sorry guys! no kawaii for you!) little dinky booties perfect for April showers and Summer adventure in or near to mud. I love the sky blue ones and think they’d make a super cute kiddie gift but maybe a bit steep in price just for normal shoes.

That’s me, welcoming back my original passion for blogging about cool stuff I find on the internet and not stressing too much about being the first, taking professional quality photos or trying to tag onto what’s current. Just stuff I like written how and when I like. Let’s have more of this please.



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2 thoughts on “Jeremy Scott’s Inflatable Shoes for Melissa Plastic Dreams Shoes SS16

  1. I absolutely love the look of all of these, however in the past I’ve owned two pairs of plastic shoes and both made my feet raw within 15 minutes of wearing them so I’d be a little hesitant to buy more. Have you tried any?

    1. Hi Chrissie, I have two pairs of Melissa Shoes and have owned others. They are tricky as they don’t flex and mould like leather. However, the Melissa ones are smoother, softer rubber than some of the cheaper competitors so that helps. They’re still not an comfortable as leather and if you have broad feet you may struggle, but I can manage a day with them.

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