MAC x Good Luck Trolls Make Up Collection

Hello blog-reading folks, it’s been a while and this little collection sneak peek is what caught my attention enough to blog. Many of you will know that historically I’m not a massive MAC fangirl normally and have generally been disappointed by some of their limited edition collection as it’s often just repackaged colours or so limited edition that it’s basically impossible to get hold of. The latest news is about a rather retro, nostalgic collaboration with Trolls, which looks pretty special.


Any 90s children will know these little fuzzy haired figures very well, many of us had vast collections even though they were really bloody ugly. Who didn’t love the fuzzy hair though and if you were lucky enough to have one with a gem stone belly button?! Wow.


Anyway, ramble over. If you didn’t already know there’s a Trolls animation film coming out this Summer with voices from Anna Kendrick, Gwen Stefani and Justin Timberlake among many other random people. It’s coming from the people at Dreamworks and the trailer ain’t giving much away.

The make up collection however, is a acid trip of vibrant retro shades and nostalgic packaging with cutesy Troll outlines and interesting shades including:

  • “Can’t be Tamed,” a sheer lime yellow lipstick
  • “Twerkquoise,” a transparent sky blue gloss with fine pink
  • “Paradisco,” an iridescent coral-pink shadow which is a returning shade

The film is out in June and the make up should follow in August. Like, I say I’m not a massive MAC fan, so I’m not sure I’ll be shopping the range, but will definitely be having a look and I’m sure many of you will ADORE this collaboration, especially if you’re a 90s child like me. I LOVE that MAC have gone the extra mile with the packaging this time, makes it a bit more special and I love the colour schemes and creatives for this one.


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