Alex Box Launches First Product: The Alex Box

As many of you know, I’m a massive fan of make up artist and all round creative, Alex Box. Until recently Alex was heavily involved with make up brand, Illamasqua, as Creative Director and she’s now on her own individual journey, which I’m really enjoying following. Her latest news is a big story, Alex introduced her first product this week, which officially launches 7th June, The Alex Box.


Here’s what Alex Box has to say about her product:

“My First product .”The Alex Box of Cards” Available for pre order on 7 th June on my online shop www.Thealexbox.com …”The Alex Box of Cards ‘ is a collection of 50 creative ‘touchstone ‘ cards conceived and hand written by me ! to unlock new ideas in the moment of creative block and as a jumping off point using the element of chance !”

It’s totally not what I was expecting when I heard that Alex was releasing a product, but it certainly makes sense when you consider Alex’s out of the box approach to everything creative, she does not follow the rules. The Alex Box of Cards will retail at £40 per box, which at first thought seems a little pricey, but when you consider that each is handwritten by Alex herself it’s actually a pretty amazing piece of art, as well as an aid for people of all sorts of creative backgrounds. I look forward to seeing what else Alex has up her elaborate sleeves.



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