I wore sandals without socks for a full day and survived…

As my regular readers (and friends) will know I’ve got through a lot of changes over the past few years: personally and professionally. There’s a few simple things in my life that have gotten better too: I’ve become less fussy with food, I’m braver, I’m not longer afraid of going out at night and various other anxieties that I’ve overcome in the past three or so years. This month I overcame another one of these anxieties confidently: shoes without socks and on a more extreme level, sandals without socks!?


Comfort has always been and will continue to be a important thing for me when wearing clothes. I’m just practical that way. It doesn’t however mean that comfort has to be boring either. Anyway, back to the sandals. I don’t know why but my history with sandals and comfort and even shoes and comfort without socks and that weird feeling you get when warm feet start to make shoes mega pain, just hasn’t been anything I’ve been willing to compromise on. Last Summer and living by the beach meant that jelly shoes without socks was a good choice, instant paddling shoes. Until you come to walk home, up a steep pebble beach and then up a really steep heel that you soon realise it wasn’t that smart of a move, so I went back to shoes and socks (long live my Vans!) this is typical of my historic experience of sandals.

Last week, we were in Barcelona (again) and it was hot, sunny and I got to wear a maxi dress (in April) it was amazing. Due to a faux pas when packing, meaning that I didn’t have enough clean socks for the trip I was forced to wear my flat jelly sandals bare foot for a day. Guess what? I survived! The whole day, walking around a city and walking on a (soft, smooth, flat sandy) beach and they were fine! And they were just basic Primark jelly shoes, now I’ve gotten all excited about the potential and practical need I might have for other pairs of sandals.

Here’s some styles that I do like although they seem a bit expensive for something that is essential only half of a shoe. What do you think?

Orange leather and wood clogs from Swedish Hasbeens £89, Clark Red Leather heels £60, Clarks Black Leather sandals £70, Miss L Fire Blue Embroidered Bird Sandals exclusive to Schuh £65 and Red Patent Sandals with Flower Buckle from Red or Dead (one of my fave brands for shoes) £35.

So, leading onto this imminent potential need for more sandals, I started looking for ones I like and there aren’t many that are standing out to me, the above is the best I could find without spending more than an hour scouring the internet. Anyone got any tips on pretty but practical sandals? I want to feel the wind and sand between my (recently pedicured) toes! Will flip flops be next? I think not. Ew.




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3 thoughts on “I wore sandals without socks for a full day and survived…

  1. I’m amazed you were comfy in jelly sandals – I’ve never managed to find a pair that isn’t leather to be comfy. I highly recommend Birkenstocks. The swallow sandals are awesome though!

    1. I really like the look of the Miss L Fire sandals, they look like they’d be comfortable too and lovely colours and designs. They have a pair with a vintage swimmer on too and they are very chic.

  2. I do like those ones with the birds on them. I am more of a Birkenstocks fan myself. Once you break them in there’s no need for socks at all.

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