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Do I even fit into just one niche? Should I have to fit into just one category? It’s something that will be on the minds of so many of us at one point or another whether in relation to your blog, your social life, a business idea or within your career whatever that might be. When you’re not settled on where you fit into the bigger picture it can cause a hell of a lot of anxiety and frustration, but is this need to comply to a set of rules/conventions necessary to success?

Jake the Brick, just Jake from Adventure Time chilling being a brick and fitting in

I wish the answer was no. It’d be great if you could just cruise along just doing what you’re doing and not having to think about that bigger picture. Unfortunately, today’s digital world and vast quantities of competitors in whatever field you’re thinking about makes it kinda essential to success to find that niche, be a specialist or being exceptional at what you’re doing and that is some mega pressure right there.

My problem is that I often spend so much time researching and not enough time creating. The researching is fun and I enjoy it, particularly with Pinterest and Instagram to help. The problem here is the overwhelming amount of amazing creativity out there and the resulting feeling that you just cannot compete with that awesomeness. It’s an unhelpful place to be.

So, what do you do to make it so you don’t loose your mind trying to fit into a niche? Well, I saw one approach from a creative recently that really caught my attention and inspired this post to some extent. This amazing lady posted a status asking people to stop tagging her in posts that people think would inspire her or amaze her. Her approach was to focus solely on her own work and to not get distracted by the creativity of others. It really struck a chord with me, maybe that’s what I’m doing wrong? Maybe, if we all focused more on doing things our own way and in our own style, that is what would create our niche. Our niche should be our own uniqueness, our own personalities and our own ways of thinking.

When searching for that niche, you also need to think about what your end goals are. Are you creating for yourself? Or for a commercial gain? Are you seeking recognition from a community? Or is it something else? When you’ve figured out this element. it’ll make it a lot easier to know where to head on that hunt for a niche. Obviously, if you’re working for commercial gain, you need to know who your customer is, whereas if you’re creating for yourself it doesn’t matter who your audience it, you need to just focus on what gives you joy and what makes you happy and forget what the rest of the world thinks.

Easy to say I know, it’s not that simple. Our minds are always contradicting what we want; society is telling us to do one thing and our brains the opposite. We know that X is the goal but then you’ve got blog posts, magazines, family, friends, competitors and more telling you that you should be aiming for Y,Z, Q and A. It’s beyond mind boggling. What I’m trying to get to is that we’ve got to simplify what we want and think entirely for ourselves and then finding that niche will come naturally. Do more of what makes YOU happy and less of what you think you should do according to what people that you may never meet are telling you to do.

That’s my musings for the day, I’m enjoying finding my passion for writing again since distancing myself from the hustle of the blogging community. I want to be more creative, I have lots of plans and many of them won’t happen for a while for various reasons. So, for now I’ll continue to use Twitter and my blog as my creative outlet whilst I ponder my way to finding my own niche in whatever my main passion ends up being.

I’d love to hear from any of you who are going through similar journeys at the moment and any words of wisdom you might want to share. I’m loving stumbling upon these potentially life changing notions lately that are really helping me move forward.



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2 thoughts on “Finding Your Niche…

  1. When it comes to my blog, I’ve always described my niche as “myself” – which is partly down to having begun blogging before niches were really much of a thing! The posts I’m always proudest of are the ones that have come from my own head, scratched out in notebooks in the wee hours of the morning.

    But then, that’s easy to say when I have no intention of turning my blog into anything approaching my business. In the work-world, it’s a different story and I’ll never forget the look on the professor’s face when I turned up for the first day of my journalism course with a law degree. It’s insulated me, in a very real way, from the wider cost-cutting efforts in journalism, because I have specialist knowledge and skills that my peers simply don’t have.

    Best of luck with your creative endeavours, Jayne, I look forward to following you as you figure it all out.


    1. Thanks so much for your comment Lisa! Glad to hear that you’ve already figured out your niche, it’s such a struggle when you’re constantly comparing yourself to others. It’s awesome to hear you can use your law degree to make you more knowledgeable as a writer, that kinda speciality is always in need! Keep in touch, awesome to hear from you!

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