#IndieLove: In Support of Creativity

Ok, so the blog has been a bit slow of late. I’ve been pondering a lot of things and trying to figure out my next direction. I’ve written some articles about it, but I haven’t published them anywhere just yet. So, I felt like I could use this space as a way to promote indie brands, shops, creators…etc, just like I used to so often back in the day. Creativity is important to me, being creative is hard work and having a creative business is even trickier.


In a world of fast fashion and trends, the internet and massive competition it’s becoming increasingly difficult for creative people to survive and thrive, many of them only creating as a second income or hobby. This makes me sad, we should all be able to survive off doing what makes us happy. So, in a bid to help the wonderful creatives, I want to dedicate some more time to spreading some #IndieLove and reminding us all why we need to continue supporting the small brands and creatives out there. Don’t be distracted by the £5 t-shirts and high street accessories that most likely was so heavily inspired by an indie artist that they’ve generated a law suit and look out there for awesome people who you can give your well earnt cash in exchange for amazing product and most importantly, supporting creativity and people’s dreams.

To remain in a posi-vibe, here’s some of my current favourite creative cuteness I’ve spotted from some ace indie peeps. Since it’s pay day coming up, maybe you’ll think about splashing out somewhere like Etsy instead of Primark or Topshop? Links and product info below the pics!

Cute dinosaur patch with awesome Firefly quote only £6 from Hand Over Your Fairy Cakes.

Gorgeous wooden Princess Mononoke mask necklace, under £20 from ObakeStyle.

The Craft quote heart shaped pin from old fave, Punky Pins, only £6 each.

Awesome fruit salad necklace from Sugar & Vice, £20.

I’ll be writing more posts like this, so if you’re a biz owner or creative that I might not already know about please drop me a tweet or email!





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