Setting challenges and making changes…

The idea of committing to doing something positive to myself to develop some ideas I have every day and sticking to it, all started when I moved to Spain four (five?! WTF?) months ago. I was supplementing the language lessons I started using the app, Duolingo which rewards you for sticking to a routine, it quickly got me committed to learning, which made me think there was more to this daily challenge thing. Before this I’d been kinda anti-routine and used to get frustrated and bored by doing the same things all the time, recently I’ve started to see the value of a routine and what it can do to positively influence you and the people around you.


Inktober, you started off to well, but was it worth it?….

So, on day 93 of my learning Spanish Duolingo streak and day 27 of my almost successful and complete daily drawing challenge on Instagram as part of #inktober, it’s time to reflect and see what good it’s caused in what has been an unusually jam packed and swift month. Realistically, it turned out that October was the most challenging month possible for a combination of work AND personal projects, but that just added a whole new level to stuff. I can’t complain.

I’ve always known I wanted to start being more creative, I’ve wanted to get back to crafting, photography and painting and the like for AGES but always been too busy, distracted and struggle to find the time. Setting myself the daily challenge of #inktober and the language app gave me just enough of a push and the right amount of pressure to make time for creativity and learning.

I have more energy, I feel more focused and inspired, even though I still don’t have a long term plan with my creativity, but that’s OK. It’s a step in the right direction. I’m very proud that I stuck with it, amazed that I lasted so long and it now serves as testament that I can do it, if it put my mind to it, oh I rhymed! If something really matters to you, you will always find the time and if something makes you happy, it’s essential to find the time.

As an added bonus, taking part in Inktober also helped me re-connect with some old friends and some current friends who I hadn’t spoken to in a while. Awesomely, a couple of these people also joined in with Inktober which made it way more fun and easier to stay motivated. I now feel closer and more connected to some of the people who are important to me and who have inspired me to make change. Thank you especially to Sara, Michelle and Jasmine.

And with this in mind, it’s time for me to announce what my next challenge will be, although in theory this one is a lot less labour intensive (I hope). In November, I’m going to blog every single day, for the first time in over two years! This time, it’s going to be focused on something very important to me, supporting indie businesses, one man band brands and creative people. As I wrote in a previous blog post, I think it’s important that if we love a certain aspect of fashion, music, art, film or anything else creative, that we use some of our energy and spend our money helping to fund the people within these niches who are working hard to maintain their dreams. It’s not easy being your own boss in 2016 and it’s time the general public and apparent fans of fashion/art/music/film started to support small, local biz and less so the massive corporations who care about little more than making a shit ton of money. Life would be a hell of a lot duller if we didn’t have unique people making awesome stuff. Every day I speak to creative people who are struggling to maintain the art that makes them happy because of the lack of support and the increased cost of everything, society does not make it easy for creative people to thrive and it’s not going to change very soon. So, if you love any time of art, get involved and support the innovative, dreamers & craftspeople that you can so easily stumble upon now we have the internet.

If you want to join in, I’ll be posting daily here, you can subscribe via email on the sidebar or follow me on Instagram or Twitter, where I tend to post the most. It’d be great to see other people getting involved and I’d love to hear about indie brands, shops, artists…etc. that inspire you. I’ll come up with some snappy hashtag before the 1st November, but before that, let me clear my to-do list!


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