#IndieLove Day 1: La Barbuda Patches, Pins, Tees & Totes

So here goes! Day one of my month of #IndieLove and today I’m shouting about an awesome stylishly nerdy brand from Galicia in Spain. But don’t worry, this one-woman store ships worldwide and is stocked in some super cool boutiques including The Family Store in Brighton, which you must check out too! And indie shop, selling indie brands, it’s perfect. Anyway, to the point of Day 1, introducing, if you don’t know them already, La Barbuda!

La Barbuda Shop Spain Nerdy Movie Themed Patches Pins & T Shirts

Read on for a very special discount code for this wonderful shop, time to jazz up your wardrobe with some awesomeness…

The store is made of of some awesome illustrated art inspired by pretty much every film you ever grew up watching if you’re in your twenties to thirties. Star Wars, E.T, Wes Anderson movies, Jumanji, Gremlins, The Addams Family and an ever increasing list of other nerdoms. To make things even better, the colours and vibrant and fun without being tacky, so you have a slice of your geek pie without looking like too much of a nerd!


The owner lives in a small seaside town in North Spain and is living off products inspired by her passions for video games, movies, comics and TV, I can seriously relate. I love SO many things in the shop that I’m a little overwhelmed, I’m particularly in love with the new Strange Things waffle patch right and the Jumanji stuff, did you know they’re remaking Jumaji starring The Rock?! Yes really. Anyway, bring on pay day because I have a denim jacket that needs some love.


Anyway, the range is available for worldwide shipping from their beautiful website as well as being stocked in a awesome little selection of indie boutiques across the world. Check ’em out!


Thanks to owner Paula, you can get 10% off your order until 6th November with discount code JAYNEBARBUDA, shop here.

If you want to join in with some #IndieLove let me know, would love to discover more awesome brands and the people behind them whilst I’m on my own creative journey. If you want to see more of the indie brands I like, check out my categories here.


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