#IndieLove Day 10 – The Sad Ghost Club Merch to Help Mental Health

Here’s something a little different. I’ve been aware of The Sad Ghost Club for AGES as their branding is so cute and recognisable, but it wasn’t until recently that I noticed how popular they are within the music scene that me and Miz are involved with, via a Facebook group, that I truly realised how amazing the concept actually is. This Bristol based girl powered duo are pretty damn special.


At first glance, you’d think The Sad Ghost Club was just a brand, they sell patches, pins, clothing, comics and anything else they can think of that’ll look cute with cartoon ghosts on it. However, their mission goes much deeper than that, they’re about promoting mental health awareness, teaching others and encouraging positive self care. Something that I think we could all do with at one point or another (if not constantly!!).


Seriously, how amazing is that?! If you’re Bristol based you’ll see that they regularly host workshops, talks and work hard to collaborate with others to help further their mental health messaging and caring tips and tricks. Seriously, SO much love for this concept, so very inspiring and perfectly executed.


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