#IndieLove Day 4 – Sugar & Vice Laser Cut Jewellery

If you’re a regular reader you know that indie brand Sugar & Vice have a special place in my heart. They’ve been around since 2007 and I’ve followed and adored their work since the first day I stumbled upon them. I can’t even remember how I stumbled upon them. I’ve never met Sarah, but I randomly met Matt in real life by bumping into him in Brighton (where he doesn’t live) to be greeted by “I made that!!” when he saw my necklace, we were in Tiger, it was cool that a stranger said hi and then when it clicked who it was it was one of those small world moments. Anyway, ramble over, the brand is based in Canterbury and is made up of just the two of them who design, cut and assemble everything.


Read to the bottom for a tasty treat of a discount code…

I adore the ideas they come up with, they have a great combination of geeky references, over the top kitsch and super wearable pieces that are just so skillfully made. Their customer service is ace, things come beautifully presented and nothing is going to break the bank. Their wares are the perfect treat and the perfect gift too.


I have a massive collection of S&V, I wear something from their range almost everyday of the week. The duo have since expanded into enamel pins too, which seem to be the hot topic of the indie designer world at the moment and a super affordable and fun way to support a small brand.


You can use the discount code JAYNEKITSCH for 15% off everything (except sale stuff and pins) until 18th November, you lucky people. P.S I hear there’s a new collection going live any day now. 😉


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