#IndieLove Day 6 – Mod Dolly Clothes & Accessories from London

I met Amy from Mod Dolly about 4 years ago, when I modelled for one of her clothing collections on a photoshoot with fellow blogger and now photographer, Emily Tyler. It was the same day I met Sara from Hello The Mushroom too who was helping on the shoot. Anyway, if you don’t know this little brand from London yet, you should! If you’re looking for classic, timeless clothing with a vintage twist, that are handmade & good quality, you’ll be a fan I’m sure.


Amy set up Mod Dolly in 2012 with her own domestic sewing machine and some bits and bobs of fabric, now Mod Dolly is stocked in boutiques worldwide and have collaborated with ASOS on an exclusive collection. It’s totally awesome to see someone a similar age to me create something successful in such a small amount of time.


Amy has worked so hard on turning her little brand into something bigger, I don’t know how she does it. She’s definitely some kind of modern day Wonder Woman.


Anyway, Mod Dolly is a delight, I love everything they do and couldn’t recommend them enough. Handmade, practical, well made, quality clothing for a fair price, plus you’re supporting a small brand based out of London run by a lovely Northerner, from Wigan!



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