#IndieLove – Oh Deer Sugar: Australian Based Bath & Body Bakery

Another brand that I’m not sure how I stumbled upon, I think I found them on Instagram originally and totally dug their concept. Oh Deer Sugar is an Australian based brand run by two vegan friends Shani & Nikki and they’ve been baking up non-edible bakery goods since 2013. They now have an Adelaide based store, a totally divine Instagram account and an online shop that normally offers international delivery.


This is pretty much my ideal bath and body brand, it looks like food, it’s colourful & a little bit kitsch, there’s a massive choice of foody inspired fragrances and the names and branding are the perfect balance of cute and cheeky.


They’ve recently launched some Christmas products which looks amazing! Gingerbread sugar scrub anyone? Yes please. You’ll also find bath bombs in the shapes of donuts, waffles and slices of pizza. Colours that look like they’ve been spewed out by a unicorn and wide variety of foody inspired fragrances like pineapple and coconut for their pizza slice bath bombs. Yum.


Their signature soap bars come moulded like chocolate bars complete with foil and paper wrappers, it’s just so adorable. To make things ever better everything is handcrafted, vegan friendly and cruelty free. I just wish they weren’t so far away, I’d LOVE to visit one of their stores.


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2 thoughts on “#IndieLove – Oh Deer Sugar: Australian Based Bath & Body Bakery

  1. That gingerbread sugar scrub sounds so good, and perfect for Christmas! I love finding out about new vegan brands, as I’m phasing out using non-cruelty free products, so this is ideal. Will have to add their website to my favourites so I can have a browse before Christmas. – Tasha

  2. Its really look awesome 🙂 I will buy it 🙂

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