One of the most frustrating things as a creative person is having an idea which you don’t have the time/energy/money to see through to the end. For me personally, it’s always a massive de-motivator which has frequently stopped me from starting projects in the first place, which is of course, puts you back at that cycle of wanting to do something but not quite getting there. So, to help me get over that barrier, I’m pleased to announce my first Mercht campaign, which is live for the next 8 days only, you can find it here.hamburger-steven-by-jayne-kitsch-on-mercht-3

I have a notebook at the moment full of creative projects I want to start within the next year, but after the success of Inktober I really wanted to make something happen before the close of the year to help spur me on towards some of my other projects. So, very pleased to be testing out the latest genius idea from Leeds based, Awesome Merch. Mercht is effectively a merchandise themed kickstarter platform which creatives, charities, bands, teams, anyone can easily use to upload designs and put them on sale on a variety of tote bags, clothing and mugs and it costs you nothing to get started, you just get a cut of the profits when it’s done. Perfect for me on my strict budget of time, energy and money!


So, I’ve created one of my fave Inktober designs into a t-shirt print on a variety of colours and styles. I need to sell at least 10 for them to go to print and they won’t take anymore unless the project goes ahead. Help a girl out and spread the word to fellow fans of Steven Universe, Cartoon Network, kawaii and junk food. If you don’t like my design, check out the site anyway as there’s some great stuff on there from some ACE designers, plus everything is hand screen printed in Leeds by the brilliant Awesome Merch team, plus it’s due to arrive before Xmas should you need it for a gift. I have some more designs up my sleeves and happy to take custom orders or commissions if you like what I’m doodling.


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